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Beer Belly


Genres: Folk / Acoustic

Location: Kranj, Slovenia

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Uplifting songs, sing-along ballads, bawdy tales and a bit of the brew are trademarks of Beer Belly, a six-piece band from Slovenia. The aim of the group is to present the sound of Irish reels and jigs, Scottish bagpipes and traditional Celtic music through live performances and to surprise with arrangements of more famous irish bands as well as with the music of their own Members of the band come from a wide and varied assortment of musical backgrounds including folk, classical, rock and jazz styles. This rich history, plus their passion for this difficult but enjoyable musical style sets them apart from many of the groups in their country. Other particularities of the band are also the accordion which plays bagpipe lines and the great kilt, which they wear at open-air festivals.




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2006 New York City plane crash, United States

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