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Genres: Jazz / Funk / Jam Band

Location: Bloomington, IN

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4 tracks

Members: Peter Kienle, Tom Clark, Monika Herzig, Jack Helsley, Paul Surowiak

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Quantumn Tweezers, RealBrox

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Quantumn Tweezers, RealBrox

Well-played modern fusion, nicely recorded also. There's no reason why BeebleBrox can't compete in the national arena.
Bloomington Voice

Another mind-opening experience can be found at the hands of BeebleBrox on Dominant Domain (ACME BB07-3307-2; 70:13). Though you might expect a creative and even humorous edge from a band named for the two-headed galactic president in the sci-fi classic The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it's hard to prepare for the uniquely detailed arrangements offered here. Although the five-member ensemble generally starts out in recognizable genre playing fields, there's usually an unexpected element or two to push the envelope. For example, Latin-esque piano riffs and percussion jam with a fusion-pushing sax line on Now What, with a frenetic guitar line adding an other-worldly quality. Quiet Earth wraps a traditional-styled, gentle waltz, around an ethereal, needling guitar solo that seems to float in space. Raw Material is an explorative, exploding romp, while Homer Simpson offers funky percussion, spacey keyboards and a wigged-out, off-kilter melody in a coolly confident sound package. This unusual, Indianapolis-by-way-of-Germany band has been at it for 15 years - and the experience shows in their sublime detail and super-tight execution.
JazzTimes, June 1999

...BeebleBrox's compositions are expressionistic, and refreshingly off the beaten path, integrating jazz, rock, classical and Latin elements. Neophytes no longer, their anticipated second release could be forthcoming later this year.
Jazziz, November 1995, pg. 105/105

Quantumn Tweezers is the second CD from BeebleBrox.
"We're very happy with this new one. On Raw Material [their previous release]," said keyboardist Monika Herzig,"we had recorded the CD in snippets over a drawn out period of time, using different players on a lot of the tunes. On this one, we have the same group. There's better continuity."
BeebleBrox plays a challenging brand of jazz that can both please open-minded jazz listeners and adventuresome rock audiences. Add to the jazz sensibilities a quirky sense of humor and a fascination with science fiction a la guitarist Peter Kienle, and you've got a band to be reckoned with.
BeebleBrox's use of electronics causes some to label them as fusion, but don't be too quick to categorize them. Fusion, like the rock label 'alternative,' has come to mean something more specific than the broader interpretation suggests.
Fusion originally meant the 'fusing' of jazz and rock styles. Over time however, it became commercialized and formulaic. BeebleBrox prefers to be called 'original jazz,' not fusion.
"Peter's writing is heavily influenced by Weather Report, where the ensemble is interacting constantly, and you never know which parts are written out and which parts are improvised." said Herzig
"Me, I really like the music of Billy Childs, and let's just say I'm quite proud of the fact that Chick Corea and I share the same birthday.....
The computer graphics on the eight-page booklet alone are worth the bucks.
Todd Hildreth, Louisville Music News

A casual glance at BeebleBrox's Quantumn Tweezers CD, with its oddball computer graphic images and strange song titles (YES - send me the next issue Free! is my personal favorite) might give a strange impression. But make no mistake, BeebleBrox is not a group of computer geeks, but of serious and sly musicians with worlds to offer. Tweezers is an affecting journey, with lots to do and see along the way. Each track is unusual, from the bubbling, crazed fusion epic alluded to previously, to the strikingly sparse electric violin-piano duet The Saga Of C. And C.. Where Balding Balladeer is graceful and dark, with singing bass of the Del Palmer variety, Gateway struts with electric guitar in bluesy setting - the group's tightly-timed hesitance lends grit and emotion. Many of the Brox compositions include unusual instrumental combinations which illustrate their coyly presented subjects. Riding the Wings of the Buzzard, for example, offers a blurping tenor sax melody dipping across a wiggy organ line and pull-off bass licks for an offbeat, charming feel. The novelty of finding a band named from the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy may cause you to pick Quantumn Tweezers off the shelf, but their artistry and humor will make you stay.
JazzTimes, December 1996, page 107



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