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bedford drive


Genres: Rock / Powerpop / Indie

Location: Detroit, MI

Stats: 345 fans / 68,028 plays / 6 plays today





4 tracks

Members: scott, ed, ryan & michelle

bedford drive is for real.
bedford drive is the truth.
bedford drive is loud rocknroll.
bedford drive wants to rock YOU.

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for booking contact ed@bedforddrive.com


  • Karl...is a deadman! said:
    You guys are AWESOME!!! I just sent you guys a booking email! :P Apr 20
  • Kadie said:
    hey clover.fancy meeting you here-lol you guys rock, man. and you're from where im from =) yeah, detroit, michigan! May 21
  • Chloe said:
    Check out Bedford Drive in the Artist Of The Week Section at Whatsnewmusic.webs.com! _Clover@whatsnewmusic!_ Feb 22
  • Chloe said:
    Awesome stuff. Check out my spotlight on you guys at my site up this friday! (whatsnewmusic.webs.com) Feb 20
  • Dabears0974 said:
    Ryan Looney! Man you are the best substitute teacher. I remember having awesome times with you in Chlebeks class. Jun 12
  • Master_Muffin said:
    Hey, I like your sound, and I was wondering how I could get ahold of the CD with the Incredible L on it? Jun 06
  • ilaughatyouHAH said:
    hello. you\'re awesome. how are you today? :) May 08
  • Pete-a-rific said:
    Bedford drive is soo sweet they make me wanna pee my pants Apr 19
  • heartagram72 said:
    You guys are SOOOOOOO awexome!!!! very unique...definately a Mar 27
  • betterifbruised said:
    your comments page looks lonely, so i\'ll join it. great sound Feb 27
  • Brittany Nicole said:
    illllyyyy Jan 23
  • said:
    amazing Dec 14
  • mistaken_death15 said:
    hey you guys are pretty good do you do concerts in the grand rapids area? if you do plz let me know i just might go Dec 07
  • rock my heart xx said:
    great sound. awesome guitar parts and singing. amazing! Nov 30
  • said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 29

Karl...is a deadman!

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