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Becki Ryan


Genres: Christian / Christian

Location: Nashville, TN

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  • Anna said:
    You have an amazing voice. keep singing Jun 06
  • H. Messec said:
    Instant "fan" I am. Heard you once and bought the album, and the ?German single on iTunes (and I'm a major cheapskate). Would like to transpose (to a more baritone range) and perform your compositions in our praise team Keep "singing for your supper" and the One who provides it. Oct 09
  • PastorDave said:
    So, how was storming the castle? Nov 29
  • Shan Kat said:
    Hi Becki! Love the songs on the site. Can\'t wait to buy the CD and add to your cash flow. :) Oct 04
  • PastorDave said:
    sniffle...smile...sniffle...smile...sigh Sep 27
  • HookedOn24 said:
    Cool site. Sing on sister. Jul 01
  • doc02 said:
    Becki..ur an amazing singer. Great songs, the lyrics are amazing. Keep going at it. May 15
  • RBrett20 said:
    Super sweet! You are way better than Taco Stand, even though TS may actually be the center of the universe.(unproven) May 15
  • PastorDave said:
    BLING! Apr 29
  • mfcwac said:
    Thanks for your quick response with the cd. I absolutely enjoyed it. Please, more, more, more! I don\'t see how you can fail. Your friend, Earl. Feb 27
  • mortenpoulsen said:
    Nice Music! Thom W sent me here :) Morten/Denmark Feb 05
  • Wedgie said:
    Becki you have one of the most beautiful voices I\'ve ever heard and I\'m so blessed to hear you on this site...it\'s like a breath of fresh air. You are awesome and I love you! Say hi to Devon! LOVE THOM Feb 05
  • PastorDave said:
    Booya! EP sounds so \'industry\' You are like my friends AND totally, like, BIG (svelt -big not like largeAndRound-big) Jan 28

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