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  • silentsky said:
    Hey guys! YOU ROCK! I love Goodbye isn\'t Forever-I keep playing it when I do homework! I\'m liking the graphics for your old album as well. Who did that? Sep 01
  • NJBASSKAT said:
    i fucking love proclaim! i\'m so glad you guys got more fans! i really don\'t want you guys to die out...just keep making great music and doing shows. you\'ll make it to the top soon! -kandy Aug 29
    You guys are awsome....just wish you wer living in arkansas....we got good bands but you guys are pretty awsome. May 12
  • gwinnett said:
    This This Band rocks. I go to school wiith them. Keep on playing, U RULE May 09
  • ewereka! said:
    nice tunes! Raquel www.ewereka.com May 04
  • said:
    Zalige muziek :-) Apr 24
  • Xxx_FleeTheSeen_rules_xxX said:
    cool eindelijk eens een band van belgie en die dan nog goe kunne spele ook :-p x-x-x Apr 11
  • shlomo said:
    i love you guys Apr 10
  • Quentin said:
    Thank you for Beautiful Dying Day Mar 16
  • countingonme said:
    you guys have a very diffrent sound from whats out therer right now it is kind of refreshing Mar 07
  • sigrid said:
    Hey you guys are amazing!!!! Mar 05
  • blackblood13 said:
  • darkstar143 said:
    Hey! the dudes in beautiful dying day rock azz!!! Feb 27
  • Sonicmage said:
    Your sound is very good. i espessaly like the song House of Hospitality Ft. Brittany deal Feb 26
  • TakeThisToYourGrave said:
    AAAHHH HEY GUYS! w00t its bronteeee yay hello james! yay yor band rawks come tour bahrain XD hehee awww i miss uuu [btw james sorry for earlier my msn crashed grr] THIS BAND IS AWESOME AND SO ARE THE GUYS IN IT [hey ed!] xxxxx Feb 15
  • TheNumber6 said:
    Yup, ya\'ll rule. Feb 07
  • alikatz said:
    Hey! I hope everything works out with Tooth and Nail records, good luck! Your songs are all very good! once again, good luck with everything! BYE! Jan 25