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  • beritabola99 said:
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  • MusicIsMyDrug said:
    hey u guys r awesome! u shuld come to california :) Jun 13
  • XxAshtonAssassinxX In Spite of Destruction. said:
    keep up the epic work, God bless May 10
  • jasmin Dulay said:
    hahaha! yur stuff R coOL. Keep it up! xd May 07
  • Forever The $ickest Kid said:
    nice cover Apr 01
  • !!MyFinalWinter!! said:
    Fuck yah u guys kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 15
  • emohardcorekid said:
    hey guys like my band on facebook its called to kill is to conquer Jan 26
  • Drop Dead Martin; 13 said:
    bitchin. (: Jan 18
  • gie said:
    more songs Jan 14
  • Amanda c: said:
    like the fireflies cover lol Nov 21
  • evelyn said:
    lol i love ur owl city cover!! it is sooo much better as a screamo song. :) Oct 27
  • lyle6behymer said:
    these guys are sickkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 07
  • DomoniqueDiamond- said:
    you guys are amazingggg. Sep 17
  • tessa said:
    I love you guys. Especially the fireflies part. You made it soo much better. haha. Sep 07
  • Anna said:
    You guys are great, love your music. Aug 31
  • Sam Foote said:
    love the cover Aug 15
  • Sami Marie said:
    I loveeee you guyss(= plus your hot x) hehe Aug 06
  • karlieann said:
    i love you. that is all. Jul 18
  • Metalcore"Prime" said:
    Of course you guys are from Belgium. Why else would you be an awesome band? Jul 14
  • Metalcore"Prime" said:
    New favorite band I believe. Earned a spot right next to Hast the Day. You guys really from Belgium? Jul 14