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Beautiful Dysphoria (FREE MUSIC!!!)


Genres: Acoustic / Alternative / Rock

Location: Billings, MT

Stats: 32 fans / 1,300 plays / 250 plays today





4 tracks

Hey All! Thanks for checking us out! We are the unsigned, unknown band Beautiful Dysphoria! All of our songs are free to download! Click the albums on the right side for more music! It makes our day to see that someone listens to our music.

We're not really sure what genre you would put us under, because we don't even know ourselves. We have pretty mellow music for the most part, but we are working on making some slightly heavier stuff. :) anywho, all our songs are based mostly on a buncha crap that's happenned to us in our lives. Playing our music is basically a drug to us. We always need our fix :) Our band consists of Dave, the most awesomest guitar player you hear, who always comes up with something sweeeet to put in our songs that usually ends up breakin your heart because he finds just the right notes to slit you in half, Hayley, the piece of crap singer with the cracky man voice. She used to be the drummer but currently the thrown sits empty. anywho, that's not all who is in our songs. We sometimes have different people in our family come in. And no, before you even run the thought through your head, we are NOT the Partridge family, nor the Brady Bunch. You suck for thinking that! :) anyways~Our dad is an amazing guitar player and is featured in some of our songs. Our mom jumps in and plays the piano like a champ! Our sisters Amber, Molley, and Mandy have always been our singing partners as well. We hope you like what you hear, and if you don't...then leave. :) enjoy :)

Well. That's the last time Hayley is allowed to talk about herself. This is Dave speaking/typing now. Don't let her fool you dudes. Hayley is the talent in the band. She writes all the lyrics and the melody to the songs. I love her voice, I don't give a crap what she thinks. She is also a really good drummer, I just don't want to have her try to sing and drum at the same time. I'm sure she could if she tried though. She is just really modest and that makes her the coolest. Just thought I'd get that out of the way. We aren't the type of people that talk about our feelings with everyone. I have always had trouble with that. People never get to see my crazy, insecure, emotional side. Well unless you're one of my ex girlfriends. Haha. Music is the only thing we really give a turd about. It helps us express ourselves. I don't know why but when I listen to a really cool song, I crack like a butt. It brings out my emotions. For some reason we are able to say whatever we want if there is something cool in the background. Anyways, feel free to download any of our songs. We'd feel honored if you did. We're gonna be working on some heavier songs for you too. I'm growing out my hair for a ponytail and Hayley is working on growing a mustache. Hopefully this will all help. We'll try to keep you entertained. Check back with us every once in awhile dudes. ***************************


  • Zachary Hagan said:
    You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work!!! Nov 22
  • Desmond said:
    I like it! Oct 04
  • Daniel said:
    u should get a label Sep 11
  • .Raquel. said:
    Beautifullly wonderful :) Love your sound. Aug 09
  • JJ said:
    [awesome] :D Aug 07
  • Victoria said:
    nice, keep up the good work Aug 06
  • Savannah said:
    love it :) Jul 29
  • Ana Luiza said:
    fanned xx Jun 14
  • nino said:
    awesome.......... Jun 12
  • goldenace said:
    nice smiley Jun 09
  • j rock freak said:
    sounds awsome Jun 08
  • Maria said:
    I love your music so much! It's super duper fantastic :) Jun 07
  • ♥-Case_ said:
    wow. you're music is amazing. not usually my type of music but i love your lyrics and sound Jun 06
  • Liz said:
    Niiice... I enjoyed. :) Oh, and thanks for free stuff. It makes me happy. :) Jun 06
  • CyberCat said:
    Hey! I love your voice... simply amazing!! Great sound =) Jun 06

Beautiful Dysphoria

Feb 04, 2009

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