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Bear Vs Shark


Genres: Indie / Post Hardcore

Location: Ferndale, MI

Stats: 1,976 fans / 257,953 plays / 14 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Marc, Derek, Mike, John, Ashley

Hailing from the Highland and White Lake regions of Michigan, Bear Vs Shark strive to make music that is a cathartic, inspiring and emotionally cleansing experience for themselves and their listeners. Bringing a sense of musical history and genuine sincerity to their songs, they play with no emotional pretenses and hope to show true love for the music that has inspired them.

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The Equal Vision Records family
Armor For Sleep
Before Today
Circa Survive
Coheed and Cambria
The Fall of Troy
Fear Before The March of Flames
Good Clean Fun
Jonah Matranga
Silent Drive
The Snake The Cross The Crown
The Sound of Animals Fighting
Versus The Mirror
You In Series

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  • Tom said:
    no catamaran? still awesome, too bad yall had to break up Feb 14
  • starskull said:
    hi:) whats up? Apr 22
  • BREEEEEtt said:
    i miss you guys. i need to find the "right know.." album! Jan 29
  • bmannn said:
    you guys have been my all time favorite band for 4 straight years now and i must say you still sit comfortably on top. and thats saying a lot cause trust me i have good taste ;] sucks you split but oh well thanks for the memories. i Jun 07
  • tnw32 said:
    You broke my heart BVS......... Saw you guys twice in Syrcause, NY. Loved the live performance you put on. Reunion tour??????? Please, I bought your last album and a hoodie... thats got to count for something, right? Well, a boy can dream I guess. Apr 08
  • PistonsFan2 said:
    hey you guys are great Sep 06
  • said:
    Add Comment here... Oct 09
  • thehumanface,Divine said:
    your music is simply like nothing else out there and that is why i fucking hate the fact that you guys broke up. ill be looking for any future projects any of you might venture into. rest in peace the brilliant band known as bearvsshark. Aug 11
  • haynate14 said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 18
  • bbiggs32 said:
    My new Fugazi! Thanks, you guys rock! Jun 26
  • PureVision said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 04
  • Spencer Palmer said:
    u guys rock. shitty that u broke up. too bad Ma Jolie isnt on purevlume too. May 31
  • KELSTER BAMM said:
    Add Comment here... May 18
  • BThEBaSTarD said:
    Its funny how when you guys break up you get more fans.. JESUS you\'re like the best band EVER. FUCK YOU AND YOUR BREAKING UP... ( i still like you though) May 10
  • avalanche said:
    you guys r fucking awesome. if you ever stop being a band. i will cut my throat. so don tmother fuckers May 01


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