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Manjakani Kanza Is It Dangerous Pills?

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Tannin in manjakani Kanza is a useful agent to tighten and increase the elasticity of the muscles in the walls of the female organs. So the vagina becomes more tightly mat and he ... he ...

While antioxidants and other ingredients beneficial to overcome the bacteria on our female organs. The bacteria in the vagina that much of this is the bacteria that cause vaginal discharge. Not only that, this material also has efficacy to eradicate the fungus.

Oh yes, one of the doctors in Indonesia, namely Dr. Hembing Wijayakusuma said. That extracts of the fruit Manjakani addition serves to tighten the vagina, fruit Majakani also reduces fluid and vaginal discharge. And another extract from the fruit manjakani also helps dry the female organs.

What Efficacy and Benefits Manjakani Kanza Original

Kanza Majakani benefit very much at all, especially for the female organs. Well, here are some of the benefits of the original Majakani:

Overcoming itching usually be felt in the vagina, because Manjakani will help to clean the vagina of germs and bacteria
Overcoming a bad odor in the Miss V
Helps remove dirt and crust on female sex organs
Eliminate and prevent whitish
Helps restore the elasticity of the muscles of the female sex organ that feels denser and doormats
Prevent some diseases female sex organs such as cervix cancer
Assist in the healing process cyst
Helping to launch period
For those of you who are in the program are pregnant, Manjakani Kanza helps in maintaining the health of the female reproductive organs
Help in increasing the hormone estrogen is responsible for the development of the female reproductive so that the body is ready to support a pregnancy
Is Kanza Manjakani Safe?

Well, the next question is Manjakani safe to use? Will it cause any side effects. During the consumption of this product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions insha allah will not cause any side effects.

In terms of security herbs in pill form has been granted permission from the Department of Health with the number 442.1 / 01 / UMOT / IX / 2014.

How to Use Majakani Kanza

To get maximum results, you can follow the rules of use below ya girls.

For those of you who have severe vaginal discharge problems and cysts. How to use Manjakani is to put it 2 points to Miss V. Remember yes girls, just use 1-2 times a week.
As for those of you who have unusual vaginal discharge problems, cope with the bacteria, overcoming infections of the urinary tract, tighten the vagina, vagina overcome the smell or itch. Simply input 1 item Manjakani Kanza 1 point and do one to two times a week.
To help the healing process of tumor uterine wall, Majakani insert into the vagina as much as two to three points. Then drink also two eggs in the morning and two grains at night after dinner. And to rule-life of one to two times a week.
For those of you who are planning a pregnancy. Manjakani input into the female sex organ after completion of menstruation in the first week. Just use 1 point each use and use just one to two times a week. Afterwards discontinue use and wait for the menstrual cycle to the next month. If you still get your period, repeat the steps above.

Posted Sep 19, 2015 at 5:55pm