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Lawn Maintenance Service: Is it Really Necessary?

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A lawn maintenance service. This entry from WIKIPEDIA gives a basic definition of what a weed is:

Weeds generally share similar adaptations that give them advantages and allow them to proliferate in disturbed environments whose soil or natural vegetative cover has been damaged. Different types of habitat and disturbances will result in colonization by different communities of weed species.[3]

Naturally occurring disturbed environments include dunes and other windswept areas with shifting soils, alluvial flood plains, river banks and deltas, and areas that are often burned. Since human agricultural practices often mimic these natural environments where weedy species have evolved, weeds have adapted to grow and proliferate in human-disturbed areas such as agricultural fields, lawns, roadsides, and construction sites. The weedy nature of these species often gives them an advantage over more desirable crop species because they often grow quickly and reproduce quickly, have seeds that persist in the soil seed bank for many years, or have short lifespans with multiple generations in the same growing season. Perennial weeds often have underground stems that spread out under the soil surface or, like ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea), have creeping stems that root and spread out over the ground.[4]

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As a rule, plants that have small seeds have a greater level of propagation. Chandler landscape services can help you fight the battle that we all fight with weeds. Weeds are a constant problem, and they crop up like, well, weeds. Some weeds can grow in the most extreme environments, from a desert environment like Gilbert, all the way up to frozen tundra. Weeds have adapted to grow and proliferate in diverse areas like empty fields, lawns, roadsides, and construction sites. Getting rid of weeds is a smart move, both economically and for other reasons.

Many greater Phoenix area cities require property owners to remove weeds. Usually, the amount of weeds that are permitted on a property cannot exceed a certain percentage of the total square footage. Property owners can be fined by the city if they will not remove their weeds. If all of that wasn't reason enough, there are others. Weeds can also be hosts to unwanted pests. So, not only are they unsightly, they also bring unwanted pests. There are even more reasons for eliminating your weeds too. Some species of weeds spread by burrs or nodes that can cause skin irritations. Some weed species are toxic. In the Ahwatukee area, there is a species of bella donna present that is a woody weed, and therefore tough to get rid of. Some weeds, like ragweed for example exacerbate allergies and even asthma. In some cases, even asthma can be fatal. So let's go over the list of reasons one more time. Weeds can be poisonous, choke out other plants, be tough to get rid of, and they can also impact your health. Any of these
reasons by itself would be reason enough to eliminate the weeds on your property, but taken all together, makes a pretty strong case. So what are you waiting for? Call in a landscaping that services the Chandler area right away.

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Posted Nov 14, 2012 at 7:03pm