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Barefoot In Babylon Productions


Genres: Hip Hop / Experimental

Location: United States

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4 tracks

Members: Will Shannon

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The mixes are new, the chipmunk disclaimer is gone



  • dannyboy said:
    dude ypur mixes are dope!!!, and i appreciate all the free downloads man, and the albums as well, keep up the good work May 17
  • daynewrestledabearonce said:
    damn dude your shit is the shit! fuckin awsome! Apr 27
  • Topicz said:
    Sup man, im liking your mixing bro. imma hip hop artist myself, check me out at soundclick.com/topicz i was just wondering if you want to do a personal one for me. hit me up at j underscore unit underscore 13 @hotmail.com Jan 16
  • jay said:
    hey bro I'm wicked into hip hop, basically heard all the songs you use in your remixes. I'm sure you've heard of legion of doom, and I like some of your songs better than them. Basically, I really appreciate the work you put in, you have some great mixes up. I've already sent some of them to my friends, we're in rhode island. keep up the good work -jason Dec 10
  • Jalen said:
    Yeah, man, u real good. Hey, this is weird, i no, but i got a group an we could use some help wit the beats. so like, u wanna just tell me how u take them samples? Nov 05
  • Luke said:
    amen to jackie! haha i love bittersweet with a milli its quality this stuff is so sweet! would you take requests on songs to do? if not i wish i could learn how to do this stuff! thanks yo Oct 21
  • Jackie said:
    Where's Live Your Life Remix Ft. Lil Wayne And Bittersweet Symphony & A milli? Love Those Songs. All yo songs R ill. Those R 2 of da best Oct 19
  • novacaine said:
    ur songs are ill. keep it up. Oct 19

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