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Genres: Rock / Indie / Pop

Location: Seattle, WA

Stats: 231 fans / 11,852 plays / 28 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brian Fennell, Chris Bristol, Brian Eichelberger, Rhett Stonelake

About Barcelona...

For booking or other inquiries about Barcelona, please contact our management at bj.olin@mac.com

Seattle based indie-pop band Barcelona was birthed in fall of 2005 to support the release of front man Brian Fennell's solo album, "Safety Songs". Fennell was joined by long-time friend Brian Eichelberger (who produced "Safety Songs") on bass and school-mates Chris Bristol on guitar and Rhett Stonelake on drums.

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  • curlytops_2 said:
    you guys are amazing! Colors is my favorite :) Jun 08
  • Aimee said:
    i love your music. its so wonderful. Apr 06
  • Dita said:
    hi! listen to our band at http://www.purevolume.com/DarkShow, and download our single "Nuestro Amor (Our Love)" Jan 14
  • Pauline said:
    You guys are absolutely amazing. Oct 22
  • shame. shame. said:
    good show at the triple rock a few weeks ago! hope you guys had fun too! Jun 13
  • Chaseme said:
    Congrats on the Grey's Anatomy Promo tonight! I was watching it with my girlfriend and the season finale preview came on and I flipped out when I heard "Falling Out Of Trees". My friends and I wish we could be there right now in Hollywood to hear you guys; Heather is a lucky girl. May 08
  • music is my life said:
    gosh your voice is so natural- it makes me want to cry, it's so beautiful!! and you're all so cute! Feb 21
  • |H| |I| |M| |£| |R| |U| |§| said:
    Come back to Spokane! More specifically, Whitworth. No one I know of really listened to you guys before you came (because they all had bad music taste) but you've shown them what music was. Thanks for the Signatures again guys. It meant a lot, Rhett. Feb 19
  • lizs said:
    March 6th!!! Feb 18
  • nickolie! said:
    barcelona is the best! Sep 09
  • Brody Howe said:
    Saw you guys at bumbershoot yesterday, you guys KILLED. Went into the show knowing nothing about you guys and left a definite fan! Honestly one of my favorite shows of the day, you guys were amazing Aug 31
  • Chaseme said:
    I'm so glad you guys put up a demo of Faded! That song screamed when I heard you guys play at the Knitting Factory! Hope to see you again! -Chase Mar 03
  • Oh__bird said:
    loveee you Sep 14
  • letLOVEinn said:
    soo. you guys are pretty much great! and iloveyouguys. Mar 12
  • letLOVEinn said:
    gasldk;fjalf;kasd Mar 12

Safety Songs EP

Nov 30, 1999


Nov 30, 1999

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