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Baoku & "The Image Afrobeat Band"


Genres: World / Jazz

Location: Cincinnati, OH

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OKODORO ORO "The Realistic Reality"

BAOKU "The rising Afro beat legend"

Afro beat is a musical expression of peace, love, unity, truth and justice.

Baoku Moses, a Yoruba tribe from Nigeria, West Africa living in the U. S. He is a professional, cultural performer of African arts. Baoku started is Afro beat career in 1997, shortly after the passing of Afro beat legend Fela Kuti, the father of Afro beat. Baoku uses Afro beat to preach, teach, entertain and educate about the issues facing all of humanity. Baoku, a professional African drummer, integrates African drums such a the Nigerian Bata and talking drums, Djembe and Senegalese "bottom" drums and many more into his music, which distinguishes his style of Afro beat from others.

Baoku's debut cd OKODORO ORO, "The Realistic Reality", is not just a masterpiece but a divine message.

FREEDOM, the first track, speaks about true freedom, that which can not be given or taken. Freedom of the mind.

SOWA DAA BI means "Is it good like that?". Is it good for the majority to be suffering while the minority is enjoying?

KOWA DE NA SA means "Everybody with their own". Everything is the same everywhere. The pain, the gain, suffering, smiling, situations, conditions, sadness, happiness, feeling and dying. All absolutely the same, all over the world. One people one world.

ORO SUNUKUN translates as " Deep Issues". This track talk about the gap between the "haves" and "have-nots".

FREE NIGERIA is about freeing Nigeria from corruption. Is it only Nigeria that need to be free?

ALAKITI calls everyone to gather. To come hear the message of truth. "The Realistic Reality". OKODORO ORO".

Complete translations are included in the lyrics booklet, in the cd. For the understanding of all.

This cd OKODORO ORO "The Realistic Reality".

Is rated by (City Beat Entertainment Magazine) as #2 of the best 25 cds released in Cincinnati, Ohio this past year.

Go to http://www.baokkutcr.com for more information about Baoku.


We are proud & excited to announce that " Free Nigeria ", from Baoku's debut CD "OKODORO ORO" has advanced to the semifinals of the 2005 International Songwriting Competition. This is quite an accomplishment with over 15,000 entries from 80 countries. Finalists will be announced February, 2006. We will keep you posted.
Pray for Baoku,

African Image Arts