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Simple pointers to follow in getting rid of bed bugs

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One of the most tiring job on earth is getting rid of those bothersome bed bugs. Although there are many options available out there, there is no denying that it will take most of your time and it requires a complex process. So, if you are one of those troubled by bed bugs in your house, it simply ensures that you should be ready because you are going to conduct a very challenging elimination task.
Yes, you read it right. This process absolutely needs time but once you've completed it, rest assured that all the bed bugs are eradicated.
Follow these easy steps so that you can stop bed bugs infestation.
• Cleaning- Check your bed consistently as well as the pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and all other things always placed on your bed. In case you found out that there are bed bugs indeed, then prepare a significant amount of hot water and wash all those materials you've checked. On the other side, if you decide to send it to a dry cleaner, then see to it that you'll provide clear instruction to the dry cleaner to wash these items separately from your other stuff to avoid further infestation of bed bugs.
• Vacuuming - Those home furniture, bed or other stuff where bugs can possibly lodge, should be vacuumed well as well.This technique doesn't promise you to thoroughly remove the bugs, but it could be the greatest thing you could do to stop more infestation to occur. In case you are vacuuming, do remember to make use of a scraper to scrape beds, carpets and other preferred lodging of bed bugs.. Executing this will assist you extract bed bug eggs that are growing in their hatching areas. When you have found the bed bugs and its eggs, place them into a sealed plastic bag and trash them straight away.
• Rubbing alcohol - It is strongly recommended to make use of the scraper treatment by spraying alcohol in the infected spots. You simply need to fill rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and apply them where bed bugs survive. It can effectively kill bed bugs and its eggs once in contact. Just use it with caution because this liquid is flammable.
• Steam cleaning - Majority of the pest control companies go for this process. Essentially, this natural way of getting rid of bed bugs does not present any harmful effects. If you intend to acquire a steamer, check its temperature ability if it is able to reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t have to worry since you can also utilize the steamer in cleaning and sanitizing the other equipments in your home.
• Diatomaceous Earth - This is a powder which can be used to eliminate bed bugs. After a couple of days, you'll be able to see it having effect. This powder works by dehydrating the bed bugs when they get in contact with the substance. Diatomaceous earth is classified into numerous categories; there are some that are poisonous. To ensure your security, search for those with food grade quality. When applying them, make sure you wear a face mask and gloves at a minimum. This is because some of these products could be dangerous to inhale.
• Mattress Cover - People have mistakenly thought that this strategy only strives to avoid further multiplication of bed bugs. Nevertheless, eliminating bed bugs is simply possible through this strategy as mattress cover can trap bed bugs and suffocate them inside making them not able to go outside the mattress. By doing this, they will get hungry inside. If you'd like to kill all of these bugs through the use of bed bug mattress cover, do not ever forget to cover box springs and the crevices because bed bugs would love to lodge in these places.
• Pesticides - You can now have your own pesticides without going to stores. You can also make your very own type of natural remedies. The effectiveness of some chemical pesticides isn’t proven effective yet because bed bugs developed resistance towards these substances.
Feel free to browse over www.howtogetridofbedbug.com as it contains additional information that may shed some light on your questions regarding bed bugs.


Posted Mar 30, 2015 at 9:21am