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Aiming for victory in UEFA Champions League highlights 2013, Arsenal to charge in advance in buying plus salary

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The start a fresh twelve months frequently brings restored pray and commitment for the 12 months ahead; more vigour, more vitality and success. Yet like the majority of recent New Year resolutions, this optimism is dashed eventually, and that positivity seems to have faded from the Emirates Stadium even quicker than anywhere else. "We pay properly. We shell out perfectly. I've spent all my life ensuring individuals who work for my team are paid perfectly and In my opinion if you're able to take action, you're doing so, " said Arsene Wenger the other day, towards the end of just one of football's most drawn-out contract sagas where in actuality the Arsenal manager did almost everything he cannot to pay Theo Walcott very well. Or at least along with the player wanted. According to a trusted source from|the best sportsbook promotions company news, in a strange turn of events, eventually Wenger, typically, gave to the Walcott's demands, who's primed to sign a GBP 90, 000-a-week long term contract imminently.
The new deal is likely to make Walcott the club's second highest earner - but nonetheless a long way off from the massive salaries provided by other clubs which were heavily criticised by the Frenchman in the past, and the boss for the first-time in history openly discussed the important matter of Arsenal wage structure. "We haven't any players on GBP 200, 000-a-week, " added the 63-year-old."We have a more socialist system. " But Wenger's notion of a "socialist system" seems at odds with the club's facts and figures. Wenger seems to have excluded himself from the socialist model he extols too, picking right up a salary over GBP 7 millions per year, including bonuses, making him the highest-paid head coach in the Premier League - including 12-time title victor Sir Alex Ferguson. Nevermind the seven years trophyless time period, the present kind of Wenger's team with his fantastic ancient rival's is most revealing. With three games played as of yet in 2013, Arsenal has been winless.

A turgid display against Southampton saw the Gunners lucky to flee got a point, although an all-too-common defensive mistake allowed Danny Graham to force a replay for Swansea in the FA Cup third round. And, on Sunday, as Arsene Wenger deemed it himself, a nervous display against champions Manchester City saw Arsenal slip to a 2-0 defeat. Indeed, Wenger - usually a master of the point-blank rejection to acknowledge a below-par overall performance - refreshingly honest in recent assessments - bemoaning not enough authority and confidenceagainst Manchester City. New Year promises are different - including increasing health to widening one'sperspectives. Yet one determination that Arsenal fans will soon be not able to retain could be the conventional "saving money" with, as has been widely reported and overwhelmed most of the pre-match talk, tickets costing GBP 62.
It really is doubtful forking out a large sum of money for a depressing 90 minutes of football was on top of fans' resolutions at the turn of the year. And the doom and gloom continued with the news that Mikel Arteta will face up to three weeks out after damaging his calf throughout training on Saturday. The Spaniard is a rock in a otherwise weak Arsenal squad this season - with the club victorious in another of the seven Premier League games he has missed this term, a 14. 28 percent win rate. Arteta has embodied the confidence and authority that the Gunners missed against City - with Abou Diaby unsuccessfully rushed back from injury to fill the void. But why do Arsenal are in a panic to fill spaces and search for a reliable face? As the club don't have the strength in numbers they once add. A paper-thin squad is in dire need of bolstering - and Wenger has identified that concern and insists he's working hard on recruiting new talent. In January 2004, Wenger broke the club's transfer record with the signing of Jose Antonio Reyes to push the likes of Freddie Ljungberg, Robert Pires and Dennis Bergkamp.
Arsenal went unbeaten, leapfrogged Manchester United and won the Premier League. Arsenal need the talented presence of such players to fire-up some of the more under-performing members of the squad - just like Andrey Arshavin also provided upon his arrival in 2008 - and force an even more consistent string of displays. But, whilst the north London outfit were just four points behind United nine years ago, they truly are an insurmountable 21 points off Sir Alex Ferguson's side with seventeen games remaining to finish, and our Premier League 2013 predictions service recognizes that gap increasing predicated on current shows,. Indeed, Arsenal's return of thirty-four points after 21 matches is the lowest of any season with Wenger. Therefore while others around the globe are trying to stay glued to their new targets and goals for the New Year, it's Wenger's turn to learn from past mistakes, loosen the strings on the club's war chest that the fans are generously filling up every week and try to rejuvenate a faltering campaign with Bayern Munich in the Champions League approaching on the horizon. Just in case he's loyal to the rigid principles lately, Arsenal's fans can get more mild performances like a few days ago at both Premier League and UEFA Champions League highlights 2013.
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Posted Jan 15, 2013 at 10:35am