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Bagera Baloos


Genres: Rock / Punk

Location: San Diego, CA

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Members: Mike

Hi I'm Mike. I play with Mike and Scott in a band sometimes called the Idiot Savants. (see blog 1 for rant) This is going to be where I put some different sounding songs or new songs that I am working on. It's possible that they will always be sans drums. If you can't handle that there is really nothing I can do for you because I suck at drums.

Right now there are two song from our old cd. But these bad boys are mixed. I might put them up on the other purevolume pages, but probably not. If you want to hear all the new mixed ones let me know.

Other sites
www.myspace.com/mikemccracken (nothing really important there but go for it)



No need For Percussion

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American Standard

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