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Badfish - Sublime Tribute


Genres: Rock / Reggae

Location: Providence, RI

Stats: 174 fans / 26,802 plays / 12 plays today






Members: Joel (bass), Pat (vocals, guitar), Scott (drums)

The phenomenon known as Sublime, arguably the most energetic, original and uniquely eclectic band to emerge from any scene, anywhere, ended with the untimely death of lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Brad Nowell in May of 1996. But encompassing the sense of place and purpose long associated with Sublime’s music, Badfish, a Tribute to Sublime continues to channel the spirit of Sublime with a fury not felt for some time. What separates Badfish from other tribute bands is that they have replicated Sublime’s essence, developing a scene and dedicated following most commonly reserved for label-driven, mainstream acts. Badfish make their mark on the audience by playing with the spirit of Sublime. They perform not as Sublime would have, or did, but as Badfish does.

Badfish has been one of the biggest club and theater acts in the Northeast and Midwest of the last couple years, and promoters are in awe that a tribute band could be turning several hundred fans away from the doors each night.


  • Kayla Nikole said:
    im wearing my Badfish shirt right now lol can't wait to see you guys again. Dec 15
  • Punk House Media said:
    Want some FREE music from one of the best bands in Baltimore? Check out Fiction 20 Down on PV and grab a free download! www.purevolume.com/Fiction20Down www.f20d.bandcamp.com Sep 09
  • jescablackout. said:
    You guys had a show like reall close to my hometown. Aug 18
  • xxautxx said:
    hey there! (: Apr 22
  • Snuggleblade said:
    purevolume.com/snuggleblade Jun 15
  • Psychedelic Mess said:
    i think bradley would approve. :) Apr 13
  • Lets get fucking freaky now said:
    can you pleasseeeee put up caress me down:)? Dec 17
  • Lets get fucking freaky now said:
    can you pleasseeeee put up caress me down:)? Dec 17
  • Dr Brown said:
    grand rapids -intersection- concert was absolutely bad ass....your original band -scotty dont- was the shit Sep 29
  • bk said:
    you guys fucken rock i saw you at the house of blues in san deigo ca .bad ass show dudes Jun 03
  • LDub said:
    Come to Baton Rouge or New Orleans soon. Mar 16
  • biblefumesrweird said:
    I FUCKIN LOVE YOU GUYS!! Im going to your show at lupos on the 27th, too bad the show couldnt have been on 420 thad be awesome :D later Apr 09
  • herco said:
    really good stuff... an excellent mix between ska and rock Sep 27
  • soHYPED said:
    November 19 i love u guyz Sep 13
  • Tford617 said:
    do you guys have any shows in MA??? i really wonaa see you guys Aug 24

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