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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Pop

Location: Baltimore, MD

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4 tracks

Members: Matt, Mike, Steve, Brad

Singer/songwriter Matthew Bogdan met Mike Happel though a mutual friend in November 2004 and formed the band Bad Apples. Steve joined and completed the band in July 2006 as the bassist. If you are looking for melodic songs with powerful music. These are the guys you are looking for.
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  • yellow bellied pig said:
    dudes--this is Joe Dick--I heard the Bad Apples rock from one of my purevolume friends, little did I know Matt Bogdan was in the band--I like the sound--nice job--I am working on some new songs to put on my artists acount......... this is Joe Dick signing out THA DICKSTA Apr 18
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  • DeathAnge Inc. said:
    Hey guys hows it going? i figured this would be a good place to keep the business up and running.........hopefully haha well talk to you later -Brian Oct 14

Left Standing

Mar 30, 2007


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United States

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