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Backseat Goodbye

New Single // COLA // Out May 27th, 2014


Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Folk

Location: Nashville, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Chad Sugg

New Single
COLA // OUT MAY 27TH 2014


Hey, thanks so much for stopping by. This band is just me, Chad, with my acoustic guitar, keyboard, drum machine and anything else i can find to make music for you to hear. Please feel free to check out my songs, if you like them then definitely download them and tell all of your friends.
And of course any feedback from you is always awesome, just send me an email at backseatgoodbye@gmail.com if you'd like, because i'd love to hear from you :)


Looking to the sky is all some can do – but not for Chad Sugg. This all-American has turned his dream-like world into a reality filled with hope and happiness. By the age of 18 Sugg knew that there was more to life than dorm rooms and frat parties. When a simple side project that once passed the time between classes began to evolve into an incomparable passion, Sugg said goodbye to the textbooks and hit the road under a new alias: Backseat Goodbye.

Sugg has come a long way from the being the little boy growing up in Tennessee that was once intrigued and inspired by the sheet music hidden in his aunt's old piano bench. Always ready to accomplish a new challenge – Sugg began teaching himself how to play the piano at age 11. Soon after learning his first instrument, he found himself picking up an acoustic guitar and doing just the same. Now 23 years old, Sugg has gone on to master the drums, banjo, bass, and even the mandolin. The ever-evolving musician found his earliest musical creations channeling his biggest musical influence, Bright Eyes, and has since taken the emotionally sincere lyrical qualities of this inspiration and blended them with his own unique disposition of optimism and content.

In just five short years, the charismatic Sugg has used simplicity, sincerity, and smiles to gain the approval of the music world. In his short career, Sugg has already pumped out six EPs (many of them featuring a "full length" amount of songs), five annual holiday EPs, and one LP, Dressed Up Like Dreams. The non-stop production of music, touring, and self-promotion has certainly started to pay off - With over 500,000 song downloads on PureVolume, nearly 100,000 singles sold, and thousands of albums sold, it comes as no surprise that Backseat Goodbye has already found a place in the iTunes Folk Top 100 Album and Singles charts - multiple times, and has landed himself coveted sets at SXSW and CMJ, as well as a being a featured band in Alternative Press Magazine's AP&R section. Reminiscent of the high spirited vocals and positivism of The Rocket Summer and the polished, upbeat musicality of Eric Hutchinson, Backseat Goodbye has created a blend all his own, that immediately embraces the hearts, imaginations – and hope, of listeners around the world.

In the words of Sugg, Backseat Goodbye is "music for the hopeful, music for the kids with their heads in the clouds, and music by a kid that's just as lost in life as everyone else."


Chad Sugg
For press, interviews, licensing, general inquiries, etc... contact Chad Sugg at the email above.



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