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Genres: Punk / Rock

Location: Barcelos, Portugal

Stats: 4 fans / 65 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Pedro (Voz + Guit.), Lipe (Baixo + Voz), Marcio (Guitarra), Valter(Bateria)

Azia, really as a band started in the end of 2003, although frontman Pedro and bass player Lipe were playing together for almost two years, stupidly naming theirselves as RELIGIO IMORAL or DISSIDENTES. With Mrcio Costa on the second guitar and Fbio on the drums they recorded their first demo-cd OL!. Causing polemics, getting drunk everywhere their attitude was criticized but they didn't give a fuck and that summer had a lot of gigs with bands like Rendimento Mnimo, Speedtrack, Zieben, Quetzal's Feather or Lip Poppers. After a break dedicated to practise they returned on 21 May 2005 playing with Decreto 77 and July Thirteen. That Week they play at Vieira do Minho with more three bands. It was the most chaotic concert ever and at the same time the last one with Fabio on the drums. The band was forced to cancel some shows and only played one more time with a friend, Morto, on the drums. With no drummer, the band stopped for a while untill October 2005 when Valter coming from a stoner rock band called Freedom of Thought fills the empty space left by Fbio. Tha band restarted tha shows in June 2006 and soon they will get into studio to record the nem demo-cd called "Que Se Foda" (Fuck it!).



Que Se Foda

Nov 30, 1999


No release date

Rhonda J. Outland

Tulsa, OK


United States


United States

Cecil Sweeney

Mendoza, Argentina

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