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Genres: Metal / Other

Location: Other

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Members: Ariel Earle, Vocal José Grajales, Guitarras,Alfredo Hernanadez bateria ,samanatha Ortega Tecladosa

Everything begin the last millenium when jose (lead guitar) start to make a black Doom project. In the process to make a band with people that play this style of music, he find that the proyect will fail because of the members of the group have few ideas and knowledge to play this type of music. After a long recess of one year Jose had gone to a concert to see if he could find people that play black metal music. Is there where he meet Alfredo(drummer) that was looking for a guitar that play black metal also, he told him that if he was interested to become a guitar player of a Melodic Black Metal group, jose was agree and accept the idea. Then that is the way that they decide to form a group that fill all the expectations in this type of music, this give the begin to find people that accept the group concept. In the process to find people that could play in the group Jose call another guitar player, and he accept the idea to join the group but the band until that day didn`t had a good bass player that can play the music so guitar call a person that had many experience playing in other metal groups, his name is Milton (bass) and when he listen the music, he was agree with the idea. In a week later Jose was looking for a good vocalist that can sing music . he remember one that was the singer of his doom project (asturian) his name is Ariel fortunetely the voice of ariel was perfect to the band, giving the music the evil and dark envioroments that the group needed. A few weeks later Ronaldo decide to leave the band because of personal problems. Finally giving a dark, gothic and beautiful female presence to the band, Samantha (keyboard) join a group that today is known as Azaroth, a group with an innovative style of Melodic Black metal music. that its lyrics talk about stories of leyends, mistical gods and myths, always try to show the darkside of feelings like hate and rebel. Nowadays the group is recording an Ep with 7 songs and we expect that record will have the acceptance in the international market of metal and make that the band would have future performance in the international metal scene.


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    ey q paso gente como va todo spero q bn saludos... Apr 01


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