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Axis of Evil!


Genres: Ska / Reggae / Punk

Location: Worcester, MA

Stats: 645 fans / 108,976 plays / 85 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Zach, Matt, Jeff, Joe, Spencer, Kevin, Ben, Damian

Axis of Evil! was formed in October of 2003 and has been busting heads ever since.

New Single Check out the crowd favorite Peligro available for download!

We'll use this space to help announce the assimilation of our new drummer Damian into the fold. Adam has peaced out, and with Damian's addition, count on our presence to retain its megalithic omonousness. Just thought you might like to know.

It's here! Let 'em Drop
Buy your copy now at InterPunk

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  • Rawan said:
    are you guys still around? Jan 04
  • korapt24 said:
    Oye...what's up? Apr 22
  • *Silence_Hurts* said:
    you guys are pretty radd, lovin your music. Dec 05
  • tizzlebernizzle said:
    are you guys still around? or did you break up? Sep 03
  • Alexx said:
    you have a song called skanking richard! ^_^ i miss that dude!!! Mar 06
  • Juggalettejay said:
    Wow I haven\'t heard any decent ska music lately but DAMN you guys rock :D Mar 25
  • El Gomez Del Queso said:
    the axis of evil cartoon is done. forgive the rudeness at the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvYzKJmY2Wk Feb 25
  • swissless said:
    wow a band from worcester! i was born there...so you guys must be amazing Feb 18
  • music27 said:
    you guys are sick, i hope you get a lot of gigs Feb 07
  • Amityville-Kyle said:
    Hello, I would love it if you could be a fan of mine. Could you please listen to my music? If you are interested then go to www.purevolume.com/kylewallace -Kyle ps. i\'m liking your sound Feb 01
  • tizzlebernizzle said:
    a while back you guys played with rooftop ruckus, that was a great show Jan 13
  • MaSsHoleFoLife said:
    wutup, i think i played with you a while ago in the skatamatics. you have a skankin richard song. he rules. and you rule for giving him the ska show he deserves. skank on bitches. Jan 06
  • everest everest! said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 05
  • whadupbratha said:
    Even though you have a rough cut of Message in A Bottle, I\'d like you guys to know that it sounds GREAT. I love your guy\'s music, it\'s so sick. Please oh please come to NYC one day, I\'d love that =) Keep rockin\' steady guy! Oct 23
  • whadupbratha said:
    Hmm, your music is so refreshing. Staying true to real ska music, I adore it =) Oct 08

Live at the Webster

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Let 'em Drop

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