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Awful -the band-


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Metal

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Stats: 0 fans / 101 plays / 2 plays today






Members: Taro,Shino,Shiori

In 1999, Shino formed the initial incarnation of the band, Awful.

At First, Shino worked as a solo artist and Awful was her solo project's name.
In 2002, Taro, who is Shino's brother, joined Awful as a vocalist and guitarist. The two began working together, formally deciding they named the band 'Awful'.
Then, Awful has got moving.

A few months later, Hiroshi ,bassist , joined Awful.

In April 2005, Hiroshi passed away after a long battle with leukemia.

In January 2006, Fumimaro joined Awful as a bassist.

In April 2006, Fumimaro left the band.

In May 2006, Sawada joined Awful as a drummer.

2006 wil be a very very exciting year for the band.
Armed with new member and posture, the band looks forward to playing in front of rock fans in Kyoto!!!

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