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Genres: Post Hardcore / Indie / Rock

Location: Tucson, AZ

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4 tracks

Members: Cory, Luke, Andrew, Nick

Ok, so some of our new recordings are up. We have 'Decay' downloadable right now, but get it because we may take it off pretty soon. LISTEN TO 'THE STRUGGLE WITHIN!' We're going to take it off pretty soon too. Come check out our shows, and check out our video on our myspace. myspace.com/avondale. Now that is it. If you are interested in visiting the message board you may do so by clicking here

"Lucid sounds pretty sweet. At first it was kind of boring, but i guess as it got further into the song it seemed to turn out alright" - Leo Correa

"I litteraly had to change my pants after listening to avondales new songs, the drums are sick, and he grooves really well." - Jon Kelly (A Change of Pace)

"The guitar work is beyond reproach and will somehow bring lincoln back from the dead to bang his head ever so gently to the new tunes" - Dallas Smith (Greeley Estates)

"The new Avondale rocks so hard that it makes me throw up the Chipotle that I had for dinner 3 weeks ago, while in the mosh pit, no but seriously, The sound is as solid as a brick wall." - Pete Costa (Scary Kids)

Avondale is an energetic rock band rising from Phoenix, Arizona. There unique blend of intertwining guitars and strong rhythm section is what sets them apart from the rest of the scene in Arizona.

Avondale formed in the spring of 2003. The band took everyone by surprise with their insane stage presence, and catchy rock songs. Over the past year Avondale unknowingly gained a very loyal following throughout Arizona. The band is looking forward with optimistic eyes, and is very excited about what they are evolving into. With a new singer, the band is able to deliver nothing short of an amazing live show.

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If you have any shows you would like us to play please feel free to contact us. You can send any info about these shows to avondalebooking@gmail.com

Check out the shows page to check us out live.

contact: andrewinheart(aim)




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