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Avid Gardener


Genres: Indie / Powerpop / Psychedelic

Location: Hendersonville, TN

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Members: Zach-Guit,Harmonica::Judson-Bass,Vox Humana::Chris-Lead Guit,Keys,Uvula::Matt-Drums,Throat

We're residents of Hendersonville, TN and are an eager bunch of kiddos who love to play!

We play what we know, do and make with what we can, have played shows whenever and wherever asked, and make sometimes psychadelic, never-too-mainstream, power noise pop with hints of happycore and prettysung love song. see if you can hear the influences i guess: we fancy greatly the Beatles, the Pixies, David Bowie, the Dandy Warhols, early Weezer, Greenday, Beck, our surroundings, you can name it. Have fun, random tasteful listeners, critical eyes, err anyone complacent with their ability to hear (watch for earworms)!

we're not signed, and don't have a practice space!
ask us for demos and take a gander at myspace.com/avidgardener for even more songs!

no merch or a real website at the moment but if you want to help out with that stuff we're willing to pay, just contact us, thanks!


  • RideMyJaguar said:
    Dude !!!! Lay Away is a KILLER choon!!!! Please check out my alchoholic brothers little Surf Rock band \" Horrible Terrible \" here at Pure Volume. He needs your support. Jan 06


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