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The iPhone 4 - What is so Great About It

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When Apple released their new iPhone 4 a few months back, it was as though a brief insanity descended around the country, with individuals sleeping outside stores to get their hands on the most recent offering in the tech giant. Apple includes a cult-like following and everyone from computer support guys to trendy musicians are willing to throw up their hands and say 'I'm a Mac'. But what is stand out concerning the apple iphone 4 anyway? Why all the fuss? Is the hyped-up launch of new iPhones nothing more than a clever online marketing strategy or perhaps is there something concerning the new model that means we just need to have it? Here are some features the iPhone 4 has that its predecessors didn't. Decide for yourself whether you believe it's well worth the buzz...

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Retina Display

For anyone budding photographers out there or people who are searching for a very sharp focus in their screen, the iPhone 4's 'retina display' might grab your interest. Basically, the screen of the Phone 4 is the same size as other models, but has 4 times as numerous mega-pixels squeezed in to the area. This means far sharper images, brighter colours and photo display. Basically, all you do will be clearer. Jobs has said "there's a magic number around 300dpi, should you hold something about 10-12 inches from your eye, it's the limit of the human retina to distinguish pixels" which sounds very impressive--and is--but basically is really a sophisticated and marketing-y way of saying the screen and visibility are better.

Better Camera

In the chronilogical age of instant happy-snaps and uploading, a good-quality phone camera is becoming an ever more important feature to consider. Your camera around the iPhone 3 experienced some poor reviews in consumer forums, particularly in relation to the price of the telephone. Your camera on the apple iphone 4 is 5 mega-pixels and has the capability to record movies in HD. In addition to this the apple iphone 4 has video calling (on wifi) that is pretty cool by itself.

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Sleeker, Slimmer Design

In this thin-obsessed world we live in it seems that even phones can be forced to lose weight which is what Apple did with their new model. The apple iphone 4 has a slimline style to make a supermodel jealous and is lighter than before. The design is responsible for some reception issues which is a flaw that individuals are referring to, so if you haven't the time for computer repairs or reception issues with regards to your technology this could count as a tick against it.

Whether you like or hate the apple iphone 4, there's no denying that Apple certainly put a lot of work into developing the new model, and maybe even more work into telling everyone about it. A good thing to complete if you're considering upgrading is to list all the qualities you want in a phone in addition to all the things you'd like to see improved on, and see if the apple iphone 4 matches up.

Posted May 20, 2012 at 9:36am