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  • [[JACK]] said:
    u guys r awsum u should cum down 2 australia Mar 12
  • Mark_Owen said:
    U guys fucking kick ass ur the sweetest band i ever herd i love chapter four but update ur page so i can listen to beast and the harlot on this URL Mar 12
  • SPolcyn said:
    check out flyleaf who will be playing w/ avenged sevenfold @ global gathering! Mar 09
  • xxUnholy_Confessionsxx said:
    i fucking love you guyz...hope to see you at warped tour. Mar 09
  • NonXstopROCK800 said:
  • HawthorneAnton91 said:
    greatist band ever. Mar 07
  • said:
    OMG M.Shadows Is sooo fricken hot YEAH!!!! Mar 07
  • Rockergurl91 said:
    Add Comment here...hello this is so cool u guys are like one of my faveort bands ~keri~ Mar 04
  • this kid bob said:
    Dude you guys fucking rock the balls off of any band I love your music to death Mar 03
  • lone wolf said:
    you guys are awsome Mar 03
  • Some1special said:
    You Guys Rock! Sara,Akron,Ny Mar 02
  • theleaderhc said:
    zarpado ! from argentina Mar 01
  • said:
    hey you guys should def. come play somewhere in CT again that\'d be awesome!!! Mar 01
  • //First#1#Down\\\\ said:
    keep rocking!!! and dont let any flipping ppl get in ur way. u guys bring something different to the system and may i say dats fucking awsome. //hearts//ya// Feb 27
  • dark_rider13 said:
    you fuckin guys have to do a mother fucking show with atreyu, thats like everyones dream Feb 27
  • srhbrownhill said:
    hey i just want to say that i comin to see you when in birmingham. i am sooooo looking forward to it!!! seee you in birmingham sarahxxx Feb 27
  • Fusion-Frenzy said:
    thier stuff amazing Feb 26
  • ThE CanDyManNN said:
    u guys ing rock! Feb 25
  • theusedlover92 said:
    aaaaahhhh! i love u guyz. especially that song off of ur newest cd... beast and the harlot. dont ever stop rockin! Feb 25
  • Fridaythe13th said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 24