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  • SPolcyn said:
    check out flyleaf who will be playing w/ avenged sevenfold @ global gathering! Mar 09
  • xxUnholy_Confessionsxx said:
    i fucking love you guyz...hope to see you at warped tour. Mar 09
  • NonXstopROCK800 said:
  • HawthorneAnton91 said:
    greatist band ever. Mar 07
  • said:
    OMG M.Shadows Is sooo fricken hot YEAH!!!! Mar 07
  • Rockergurl91 said:
    Add Comment here...hello this is so cool u guys are like one of my faveort bands ~keri~ Mar 04
  • this kid bob said:
    Dude you guys fucking rock the balls off of any band I love your music to death Mar 03
  • lone wolf said:
    you guys are awsome Mar 03
  • Some1special said:
    You Guys Rock! Sara,Akron,Ny Mar 02
  • theleaderhc said:
    zarpado ! from argentina Mar 01
  • said:
    hey you guys should def. come play somewhere in CT again that\'d be awesome!!! Mar 01
  • //First#1#Down\\\\ said:
    keep rocking!!! and dont let any flipping ppl get in ur way. u guys bring something different to the system and may i say dats fucking awsome. //hearts//ya// Feb 27
  • dark_rider13 said:
    you fuckin guys have to do a mother fucking show with atreyu, thats like everyones dream Feb 27
  • srhbrownhill said:
    hey i just want to say that i comin to see you when in birmingham. i am sooooo looking forward to it!!! seee you in birmingham sarahxxx Feb 27
  • Fusion-Frenzy said:
    thier stuff amazing Feb 26
  • ThE CanDyManNN said:
    u guys ing rock! Feb 25
  • theusedlover92 said:
    aaaaahhhh! i love u guyz. especially that song off of ur newest cd... beast and the harlot. dont ever stop rockin! Feb 25
  • Fridaythe13th said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 24
  • HawthorneAnton91 said:
    Avenged Sevenfold is a crazy kick ass new band. My favortie album is city of evil. Plz put beast and the harlot and Bat country are their best songs. Zacky Vengeance has the craziest guitar solos. Feb 23
  • fizzly_metal said:
    you guys ROCK!!! \\m/ Feb 23