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Genres: Rock / Punk / Hardcore

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

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Members: MUFTI: Drum | JOEY: Bass & Vocal | UMAR: Guitar | SAM: Vocal & Guitar

AVALEN was born in Jakarta at 2007. It was a union concepts of Reza (Joey) and Usamah (Sam) that wanted to make a punk rock band with many influences. Then they invited Umar & Syahrial to join the band. And the 1st line-up was ready.

After practice for about one year AVALEN has 4 to 6 songs but they only got to recorded just one song (Your Savior). After that, Syahrial decided to leave the band due to differences in vision between the members.

And the journey is continued for AVALEN to pursue their dreams..

In 2008, AVALEN invited new member to fill the drummer position, it was filled with Adwanie Faisal (Boay). Boay was an old friend of Joey & Sam, because of the long-time searching for new drummer, finally the band feel it was a worth-to-try asking Boay to join the line-up. Boay is a drummer with metal/death drumming style (Losing Insanity), and it really brings new flavor for AVALEN music.

With the new line-up consist of Joey, Sam, Umar, and Boay, it really brings a fresh air for AVALEN journey. The band recorded a new song called “Until Now”. The song has a great feedback from all of their listener and fans.

But after that, Boay decided to leave the band because of his busy work and limited time that he had to practice with AVALEN.

The band has been hibernate for about 2 years because of not founding any person to fill the drummer position for permanent. And each member been busy of their personal life and side-project band.

AVALEN have been try to play with various drummer, such as Audy and Edward James (Boncu), but it wasn’t lasting for a long period that the drummer has to leave the band again because of their personal life & decision. Each member of AVALEN was felt desperate of continuing the journey.

And then, an old friends (Mufti and Kiki) told Sam that they want to make a band that plays hardcore genre. And Sam was thinking to invited them to AVALEN. After a warm conversation, they agreed. And so on, AVALEN got 2 new members and new formation (Mufti: Drum, Kiki: Bass, Joey: Guitar, Umar: Guitar, and Sam: Vocal).

With this formation, they produced 4 new songs with hardcore influence. Through a lot of practices, they recorded a new song called “My Own Path”, a story about the path of life.
But sadly, it was the last time for Kiki play with the band. Because he was decided to leave Jakarta for going back to his hometown in Medan.

Again, the band have to face another difficult circumstances. But they believe, that they can get up and moving forward. Then they got together and started talking to tanning the vision and mission for the band. For that sake, they reformed into the new line-up consist of Mufti (Drum), Joey (Bass), Umar (Guitar), Sam (Vocal, Guitar).

With this formation, they have a vision to spread the world about their self and their music. And to bring a new joy to the world of music in national and international.

To make it simple:
AVALEN just naturally born to this world and got a destiny to play good music.

# Contact Person: JAMET on +6281287673812 #