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Trying to get employment in China

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Employed in China

Employed in China is very common now. Either you are sent to China by your company or else you obtain a job to be stationed in China. Trying to get employment in China is very common today as China gradually turns into a economic powerhouse. Actually, many Hong Kongers and Taiwanese believe it is important to have good job experience in China.

It's also very common to be posted for brief working trips to China as a technical expert or co-ordinator as China is a huge consumer of modern technology. A lot of companies sent their technical staff on short assignments to familiarize their Chinese counterpart on new technology.

Job Hunt

Many people are captivated by China and need to operate in China. You can apply out of your home country, or like many, purchase a ticket, land in China and begin looking!

The best source of jobs is on the internet. There are many project sites specialising in China jobs. Alternately, pick up an English expatriate magazine that you can find in most Four to five star hotels there are likely to be job opportunities inside. Many of these magazines also run expatriate internet forums where you can place your resume.

Now, the biggest occupations for foreigners are as English teachers in schools as China raced to obtain itself ready for that Olympics in Year 2008. Similarly, jobs in Food and Beverage and also the Hospitality trade can also be very popular specifically for English speaking staff.

Entry Visa

For business or short working trips, you should apply for the company Visa. A company visa allows multiple trips of up to Thirty days per trip for any duration of three or six months with respect to the visa applied. An invitation letter from the Chinese office is required for that application.

For long working trips, a Z Visa is needed. This permit you to stay in China for up to twelve months. You may need a visa along with a letter from your Chinese Office before a Z Visa can be issued.


For all those lucky to be on job assignments, the organization will likely place you up inside a hotel or a service apartment. China includes a number of hotels and therefore are likely to be clean and comfortable even when in the lower classes. When travelling to smaller towns, you might be unable to look for a hotel greater than 3-stars!

For those on their own, renting a local apartment would be the cheapest way to go over time. For those really with limited funds, look for a apartment in a neighborhood and never in a single of those expatriate enclave.

Rent leases in China normally runs for a minimum of 6 months but it is not uncommon to locate A few months leases nowadays. When renting apartments, keep in mind that it's a requirement to inform the closest police station of your new place of residence.

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Work style

This is often a interesting area. Depending on the industry, a brief history, the culture and management, working with the Chinese can be a pleasure or a pain.

If you are working in a MNC, where the Chinese continues to be exposed to western management concept, you may indeed find the working style very acquainted with that at home.

For other people, work could be a nightmare in a entirely Chinese environment. Many state enterprises or Chinese company might run with a working culture similar to the iron bowl idea of the early 60s and 70s.

Business culture

Again, business culture in dependent on the industry, company or even the geographical location of the company. For instance, in the North, clients are seldom discussed unless there's been a reasonable quantity of socializing at the restaurant while in the South, business will come before social interaction.

Overall, the company culture of China is much more of human interaction than anything else. There must be a reasonable quantity of socialisation and familiarisation before real discussions of any form can proceed. Don't jump or insist on a significant discussion in your first meeting. Please see Chinese Business Culture for more information.

Language Requirements

It's almost impossible to operate or do business in China without some understanding of the Chinese language. It is important to attend Chinese classes before or after seeking work in China. Please see Chinese Phrases page for further basic knowledge of Chinese.

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