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The Likely Options that come with The Apple iPhone 5

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With summer on the way, something is going to be on the minds of numerous a tech enthusiast; the discharge of the latest Apple iPhone. Last summer we welcomed the iPhone 4S one of the predicted media hype and long lines of people wanting to get hold of the new gadget at Apple stores all over the world. With the iPhone 5 in route we can expect similar scenes, and can the phone live up its predecessors?

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Before the iPhone 5 is officially unveiled, we will not be sure what the exact options that come with the phone will be. As with the previous iPhone releases, there are already lots of online rumours, and websites claiming to stay in possession of leaked photos and spec sheets.

From previous iPhone releases, we can build up a good picture of the features this phone will probably boast. With every iPhone release we view an improved camera, so it is only natural to assume that this trend continues using the iPhone 5. The most recent phone in the range has an 8 megapixel camera, and several new smartphones such as the Sony Xperia S has a 12 megapixel camera. So that it will be a big surprise if the new Apple phone doesn't match as well as outdo this resolution. Of course, we can also expect 1080p video capture, and the standard package of features like autofocus, geo-tagging, touch focus as well as an LED flash. The camera software programs are also certain to see a number of improvements, because this runs as part of the iOS platform, which has seen a brand new version released with every iPhone model; so we can expect a new version of the operating-system to be sold alongside the new handset.

With regards to the style of the phone, many agree that the completely fresh new look is going to be implemented with the iPhone 5. In the past, the iPhone 3GS kept the same look since it's predecessor as did the iPhone 4S, with the same styling as the apple iphone 4. As the iPhone 5 will probably be a totally latest version, the look is therefore likely to change. There are many characteristics towards the iPhone's design which are likely to remain, however. All iPhone designs include kept the same basic form factor, having a single home button at the base of the screen. This can probably remain, as Apple will want to individuals to know it is an iPhone at first glance.

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As well as the camera and also the aesthetics of the handset, we're also likely to be treated for an enhanced screen resolution, and possibly a larger screen. Processors are a hot topic with smartphones at the moment too, so it is highly likely that the powerful dual-core, as well as quad-core processor will be incorporated which will allow improved performance in the hardware and more powerful apps to be produced for this iPhone.

Just like previous Apple phone releases, it is likely that one network will be given the rights to distribute the telephone in the UK to start with, with others following suit shortly after resulting in competition to offer the best deals to its customers. When it's released, I will be sure to cover the iPhone 5 and its features in a great deal more detail later on articles.

Posted May 31, 2012 at 1:41pm