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Genres: Experimental / Jazz / Progressive

Location: Allegheny, PA

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9 tracks

Too Darn Hot and A Tisket a Tasket are recorded with the new Big Band I'm playin' with up here in the Steel City-- The Jazz Conspiracy. You can check us out at www.thejazzconspiracy.com, or www.reverbnation.com/thejazzconspiracy.

Dazed and Confused was sung with the Circus of Saints (www.circusofsaints.com): arranged by bassist Billy Sokol, Nick Costa on drums, and John Dierker on sax.

"Indian Summer" is all Miles Belknap on the gui-tar. "The Last Nostalgic Wait" is his tune, covered.

I had a little help from my friends on The Sea and She (Miles Belknap on acoustic guitar, Glenn Trojnar on harmonica). The words to "Sigmund Says" are by Tim Forrest.

I done it all the rest of the tunes by my lonesome (vox, clarinet/keys/guitar/body-slappin' percussion, assorted synth) basement studio style. The website player tends to make tracks sound a little...crunchy...so I encourage you guys to download the songs if you like them.

("Place Your Bets" was done for a casino audience, so it's a bit goofier than my other tunes. I leave it for you to judge).

Comments via email always welcome. Collaborators even more so.




  • Keely Rowe said:
    I really like this band songs Mar 07
  • Hassan said:
    I really like your songs !! Sep 13
  • Ockert said:
    Good voice. Made for jazz May 08
  • XxSirens SerenadexX said:
    I hear St. Vincent in it too. Apr 05
  • Akoth said:
    Laid back, unique and magically awesome. Very good and amazing easy listening music!!!! Love it!!!!! Apr 21
  • Colleen said:
    Love it! Great jazz style Feb 11
  • alexruuska said:
    Very St. Vincent. It's a little unusual but that's more than fine with me. Aug 12
  • Silex said:
    Awesome music. love the voice. Jul 22
  • NICOLE said:
    v Apr 10
  • Anjii said:
    Never heard it before but love it. Apr 08
  • sam... said:
    Oh jeez, findin' stuff this good just keeps me high for days. Dec 01
  • wayne said:
    shes awsome someone not afraid of doing making music they want to one of my favorites. Jul 12
  • Adam Weisberg said:
    Wow. I am uncharacteristically lost for words. This is stunning. You need to meet Matt Lewis. Works at APUS in Charles Town, just above the United Bank. He's genius, so are you. For you guys not to jam would be a tragedy. And I hate tragedy. Also, talk to Doug at Dish. I'm sure he'll book you. Loves Jazz. And let me know; I'd like to be there. I'm getting you those Jacques Brel discs. That is all. Jun 22
  • AsEyeStandLiving said:
    Your voice is incredible Jan 06
  • nathan said:
    I still think you are amazing Nov 24

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