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  • Garret S of Amongst Us All said:
    Hey guys check out this two man hardcore project. www.purevolume.com/AmongstUsAll Mar 11
  • BUY CATS said:
    IF YOU LIKE new/augustburnsred YOUR GONNA LOVE MY CATS purevolume.com/we_sell_cats Feb 28
  • Jelani said:
    hey guys :) im the vocalist of a band called Embrace Your Last Breath. We are a metalcore/post-hardcore/electronic band from Columbia,SC. Come check us out :) we are on pure volume and facebook. download our DEMO for FREE!!! I want us playing on all of your ipods!!! www.facebook.com/officialembraceyourlastbreath Dec 11
  • goldynet said:
    sympa good artist Oct 01
  • Anthony LaBarbera said:
    Saw you guys in Syracuse on Sept. 3rd. Amazing show. you guys seriously killed it. Can't wait to see you again! Sep 06
  • Frankie Hardy said:
    If you like these guys, you should check out my band Ascension! http://facebook.com/AscensionMASS http://purevolume.com/AscensionMASS Aug 29
  • Lenee'Bby said:
    Greatest band of all time! Aug 27
  • Hector Sebastian said:
    Hey guys check out How The West Was Won! They have two free songs off our debut EP free to download before they re-record them! Let's try to bring back the Christian music scene! God bless! http://www.purevolume.com/howthewestwaswonband Aug 08
  • Edward said:
    I am a huge fan and I wana know if VIP is meet and greet? Jul 30
  • BootsauceHayden said:
    Hey, I am Hayden and i drum in my all brother band called "Oh Tear the Veil" we are a metalcore band and our lead vocalist is only 12 years old. Check out our new song called "Sneak in Here"! Try to at least tell one of your friends about us! That would mean so much! www.facebook.com/ohteartheveil Jan 28
  • Chris McKenna said:
    If youre a fan of August Burns Red then youll love AERALIN! http://www.purevolume.com/Aeralin -FREE DOWNLOAD FOR OUR NEW EP "MAKE ME PROUD" and BECOME A FAN! Nov 23
  • Micah Brill said:
    Hey what's up? Please check out my deathcore project This Divided World @ www.facebook.com/thisdividedworld Nov 18
  • tokinninjalion said:
    I love a band where it doesn't matter which song you listen to, you already know you'll dig it, this is for sure one of those bands Nov 14
  • Matthew Kuhstoss said:
    hello there :D check out my band. some of influences are as i lay dying, suicide silence, avenged sevenfold, august burns red and blink 182. purevolume.com/OATHinruins Nov 09
  • alyssa :] said:
    AMAZING! Sound kinda reminds me of Kenosis. Brutal fucking music. Sep 01
  • Jordan. said:
    For fans of August Burns Red, Texas In July, and This Or The Apocalypse check out my band! http://www.purevolume.com/wheretheresawillmusic http://www.purevolume.com/wheretheresawillmusic http://www.purevolume.com/wheretheresawillmusic Aug 15
  • Udan the Alien's Shoemaker said:
    come on ABR. where's Leveler? lol just saying Aug 08
  • zeus tondekan said:
    new video nice one! Aug 05
  • Sam Jamiun said:
    Please check this out, http://www.purevolume.com/dalfy. You won't regret! Jul 24
  • «trinakitkatbar« said:
    CANNOT WAIT to see you in Maryland for warped tour!!!! been a fan since the first album, and i have yet to see you guys live! hope i get to meet you, your music is amazing :) KEEP IT UP!!! Jul 22

Events (2)

Aug 05

Tolmin, Slovenia

10:00am at Sotocje
Aug 15

Dinkelsbühl, Germany

4:00pm at summerbreeze festival