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Ned Stark is really a prominent perspective character in the Game of Thrones, an HBO series of books. It's been adapted to a Tv show in which the character is played by Sean Bean. He is also referred to as Eddard Stark. He is even the Warden from the North, head of House Stark and Lord of Winterfell. He's a just diplomat as well as an honorable lord. He balances his personal life well with his professional life. He is a loyal friend along with a dedicated husband and father. He is a lifelong friend to Robert Paratheon. Later he also becomes his Hand as Robert´s previous Hand meets his death unfortunately.

game of thrones

Ned Stark´s long face is framed with a mane of black hair. His grey eyes are deep set and the closely trimmed beard now shows shades of grey. He is in his mid - thirties. His brother, Brandon was larger and handsome.

Even though his family finds him to be kind hearted, Ned Stark is known for his fist of iron and his dedication to justice. To his enemies, he's recognized to possess a frozen heart full of disdain. People state that his grey eyes often reflect his mood. If he is pensive, they turn into a stone cold grey however in his lighter moods, his eyes really are a much softer shade of grey.

game of thrones

In the chronilogical age of eight, Ned Stark have been the foster son of Lord Jon Arryn. He was nurtured along with Robert Paratheon and he considered Lord Arryn to become his second father. King Aerys II had Ned´s father and brother executed. Then he demanded to Lord Arryn the heads of the wards be delivered to the King too. For this, Lord Arryn rose to rebellion. Ned had become the Lord of Winterfell and rallied its northern border together with Arryn in rebellion.

Once the rebellion started, he tried to reach the White Harbour in the Vale with the aid of an angler and his daughter. However the fisherman died before this task could be accomplished. With the help of the fisherman´s daughter, he could reach Sweetsister. Meanwhile, Robert was waging a war within the South. Before Ned joined him, he married his deceased brother´s betrothed Catelyn Tully. When the rebellion was nearing it´s end, Ned embarked on a journey to the Dornish Borders. Prince Rhaeger Targaryen had hidden Ned´s sister Lyanna within the Tower of Joy, inside the boundaries of Dornish kingdom. The tower was guarded heavily and Ned engaged right into a skirmish together. This led to heavy losses. Unfortunately, Lyanna met her death shortly after the battle which left Ned haunted and scarred throughout his life.

At the end of the conflict, Robert had become the king and Ned returned to his home. There he is made god of Winterfell. Ned always felt he wasn't as much as this and as being a diplomat wasn't he was good at. He rarely involved himself in the murky politics from the southern courts.

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