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The Best Selling iPhone Cases of 2012

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We have all had the experience, walking home in the shop with our precious cargo of the new iPhone 4S, still covered with its stylish box, being very careful as to not leave it around the counter at Starbucks, on top of the car roof as we drive away or on the seat once we leave public transit. And, we finally have it home without losing it, or setting it up snatched out of our hand by a passing mugger! Then, we open the box to show the perfectly designed device inside - all glass and technology - an ideal accompaniment to our modern lives.

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For several days, we look in internet marketing, we cherish it, we place it carefully down on soft surfaces, we never put it into a pocket with coins or keys - we make use of a unique cloth to wipe the smudges from the screen - god allow us to whether it gets a scratch in the first week!

And then, starting to get used to having it around and suddenly forget how fragile and prone to injury it is. In a hurry out of the door, it gets place in our pocket, so that as we fumble around at the car-park for many change, as soon as of horror engulfs us - the iPhone just spent a while, naked, with loose change, and they've been rubbing along together nicely! Rushing to examine the inevitable destruction from the glossy glass finish with our clammy hands, a much more horrific event occurs - the telephone slips out of our grasp- and in slow motion - slams towards the concrete. Dam you Apple Designers!

Luckily, the phone has survived this time with only a few minor battle scars but we currently realise why the iPhone Case industry is booming. It isn't an instance of wanting an instance as they say, but it is an instance of needing a case. Unfortunately, if you don't never leave your house, and your house has the thickest floor covering you can buy, all of us get to the stage pretty quickly where case shopping becomes our priority.

Nobody really wants to ruin the intended look of the Apple Designers, and let's be honest, if we could enhance the design of the apple iphone 4 more, we would be working for Apple. So, although there are many stylish and funky cases to select from, the initial style of the iPhone remains the best case on the planet (for me anyway). But, as you may know, not everybody agrees and if most of the public were responsible for design at Apple Inc. we'd be travelling with Diamond encrusted iPhones, or snake-skin ones! For many people, they are actually contributing to, and personalizing the device and at the same time frame protecting it.

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So, do you know the best-selling ipad cases? What do most people really purchase? We view there are many thousands of cases offered by Monkeys to Diamonds to 24Ct Gold Plated Cases right through to Wool Socks! There are stylish cases for business, and functional cases for sport, but will they all sell? It is possible to person for each case? Or exist factories producing novelty cases that end up in the trash can?

Well, the solution to that's no - evidently, there is someone for every case, people tastes are extremely varied, and many of us want to look individual and one way of carrying this out is by choosing a case to show our individuality and style. Sales figures from your online shop over the last few months show a good spread across the whole range of available cases but you will find definitely cases that sell vast amounts more than the others, and you might be surprised with the results.

In the chance of giving away an excessive amount of to the competitors, I will tell you that the best-selling cases over the last few months for the iPhone 4S happen to be - watch for it - 3D Animal Cases. Yes, you heard right, if you were thinking that most people wanted minimal intrusive and stylish case they could find, you would be wrong. Seemingly, people are not too concerned about since the Apple Logo, as well as disguising their phone to such an extent that it appears like a pet! And also the sales figures are not showing a small trend towards these cases, it's a huge one.

Posted Aug 15, 2012 at 8:20am