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Auditory Aphasia Pro


Genres: Experimental / Progressive / Psychedelic

Location: Chino Hills, CA

Stats: 462 fans / 69,190 plays / 35 plays today





4 tracks

All of our music is available as a free download on our website.



Auditory Aphasia is a collective of musicians. Their sound is elusive because of their tendency to experiment with their line-up just as much as their tunes. As of late the live line-up is Ant, Jed, Tom "Rooster" Ray Frazer, Fuji, and Yusti. Former (occasionally still active) members include Ramey and Nico. Auditory Aphasia uses loops to back their improvisation, creating electronic music with a human touch. The overall feel of their performance is very primal, reflecting their attitude towards music. There are no boundaries in Auditory Aphasia, incorporating styles that range in influence from electronica, jazz, funk, latin, rock, and other world music.


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  • mike nihan said:
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  • Malachi said:
    love it Nov 15
  • jacobvichter@yahoo.com said:
    coool Jul 05
  • L♥ve Sh♥cker said:
    Lovin' it!!! Great music!!!! -Mariana- Jun 26
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  • Someone said:
    Like it. Jan 28
  • villanovajunction said:
    Beautiful sounds. Really cool music. Thanks Jan 05
  • Jan said:
    !!i saw u guys back in '04 at the glass house in pomona with rock kills kid and asl and hopesfall. . . i loved ur sound so much i bought ur demo :) good stuff Sep 15
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    Check 4 http://www.purevolume.com/sdmbelarus Melodic band =) Dec 10


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Auditory Aphasia

Experimental / Progressive / Psychedelic