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  • begmana said:
    Wow you guys Jan 22
  • Matt said:
    Wow you guys are unreal! lovin the tunes ! Jan 25
  • Britt said:
    some pretty chill stuff on here, i'm definitely digging it. I've only listened to 4 of ya'lls songs and I can deff vibe to them. New favoritesss Dec 29
  • MasA said:
    Awesomeee! Sep 13
  • Loki said:
    Anybody Else is siiiick! Come to Minneapolis. Jul 25
  • r a i n b o w l i c i o u s said:
    put a smile on my face : D Jul 12
  • lustful_promises said:
    come to chicago!!!!! you guys are flippin sweet Jun 25
  • The Obscurity said:
    I like it, but how is it Indie? Jun 14
  • wawan said:
    yeah..amazing boys!!!!! Jun 12
  • Katrina Von S said:
    ahh you guys are amazing! May 15
  • Clunk said:
    Oooo :D Apr 21
  • BaByGirL0o0 said:
    let us download ur songs for freeeeeeeeee plz! Peace! Apr 16
  • thatonegirlinHB:) said:
    oh my god!! i toatly remember you guys like 2 years ago you did a gig at toyota of orange and my mom did the food their and you guys were amazing!! i love you guys!!! hope ypu remember me:) Apr 14
  • khayeLore said:
    cool yow!!! Apr 01
  • bbhk said:
    oh!mygosh i love you guys(: Mar 31
    better the gym class heroes for sure. sorry gch fans :/ the truth hurts lol Mar 27
  • Sara ™ said:
    cool Mar 24
  • chris Peck said:
    keep it up! Mar 23
  • ' michele. said:
    cool :) Mar 22
  • hi im bree said:
    Alrosia + you guys = SEX SHOW Mar 21