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Attempted Arson


Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Stats: 1 fans / 235 plays / 12 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Patrick, OCB, Maik, Julian, JR, Alex

Started in the beginning of 2005, Attempted Arson underwent a couple of changes before having found our best-to-date and absolutely final line-up. Apart from a hastily-performed gig in January 2005, the first "real" concert took place on the Feb 24th 2006 at the "Logo" Club in Hamburg.

In only a few months time Attempted Arson made it to the finals of 2 battles o' the bands in Hamburg and even played abroad (in Denmark) once.

Realising one of our dreams in the process - playing at the Hamburg Markthalle (where Nirvana and Life Of Agony once performed) the band wonders what the rest of the year has in store.

With live shows that substitute facepaint, masks and "rockstar attitude" with the honest portrayal of pain, sorrow and all-consuming rage, Attempted Arson quickly gained a group of fans outside the usual "friends, family and girlfriends" clique.

Commitment to the music and the pure rush of playing a show are reasons to see us live.

For a more chronological biography (and background information), please check www.attempted-arson.de.



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Apr 20, 2007