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A Tragic Farewell


Genres: Pop Punk / Rock / Screamo

Location: Linn, MO

Stats: 6 fans / 92 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Ben, Nathan, and Josh (Karpo)


It has been a long time since we have last have talked to or have seen any of our nice purevolume fans. We thank you very much. So you ask..."Well what's the news?." Here's the news: We have a new lead guitarist, Nathan Newman, who has already proved himself worthy. We have also been in the process of starting new songs, and finishing the ones we have gotten started, but never got to finishing. We have had the honor to play with many good bands over the summer and look foward to playing with many more too come. We thank all of our family and friends for putting up with us and supporting us. We love you all.

A Tragic Farewell


  • elizabeth said:
    hey do you have any shows comin up soon like in the next week or so? cuz if so would you let me know somehow? please and thanks! May 31
  • elizabeth said:
    hii! the college complex is next to Mel\'s Diner in jeff city. its on industrial somewhere. its where top hats used to be. if you didnt know Mar 05
  • drummertothegrave said:
    OMG!!! I love this band!! they are soo awesome. Everyone should check them out! Mar 02

Here's To Goodbye

Sep 26, 2008

Here's To Goodbye

Sep 26, 2008

Anthony The Hardcore Drummer

Melbourne, Australia




Brazito, MO


United States


California, MO

Z E R 0 I N E™

Decatur, IL

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