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Atombender (new songs from the new EP!)


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Pop Punk

Location: Ames, IA

Stats: 33 fans / 1,388 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Jon, Smiley, Brenner, Andy, Jacob, Michael, and Ben

Atombender is a group of seven close friends from the Ames, Iowa area who came together as a band because of their love of music.

The band has a hard-hitting style but also gets crowds dancing with catchy melodies, which may come from the horn section and keyboards. The guys in Atombender put as much energy, joy, and passion as they possibly can into playing their music and hope to evoke those same feelings in the crowd.

With an album and midwest tour under their belts, Atombender looks to the future with wide eyes. Exciting things are coming.

Their new EP, Poison Gases for the Masses will release March 28th in Ames, IA.


  • Fannepak said:
    you should post lyrics to perfect plan Feb 15
  • Fannepak said:
    BETTER PLAN!!!!!!!!!! Feb 13
  • annazaff said:
    hawties with bodies! ow ow! Dec 18
  • Fannepak said:
    oh man i got all excited and thought they were actual new songs. oh well. hmm i like all of them but if i had to pick a fav.... i dont know. depends on what mood i\'m in but most the time night riot. Thats a great main pic by the way. is that brenner? Oct 09
  • Fannepak said:
    you know you would get more plays if you put up more songs.... Aug 07
  • Fannepak said:
    hey guys wutsup? i here you\'ll be playing with until then and tomorrows storm next week i will probably be there. tell jacob i said hi. May 01
  • Fannepak said:
    you guys are amazing! i hope i can go to your show this time. my parents wouldnt let me go to impact so i didnt get to see you guys. i was very dissapointed. Feb 11
  • Fannepak said:
    YOU GUYS RAWK!!!!!! I cant wait to see you guys at impact. i wish i could have gone to the cd realease show. i like the song motions amazing synth. do you think you guys could play w/ perfect life story sometime in january? it would be us then my friends band tommorows storm(it think) and you guys. haha all ur comments on here besides one are mine. Dec 06
  • =( Mortal Treason and Zao Fan =) said:
    ska 4ever! Nov 29
  • Fannepak said:
    i like the new songs. you guys rawk!i hope i can go to ur concert on the 11th. i heard ur amazing live. nice screaming on night riot by the way. you should do some more of that. not to much but enough. Nov 03
  • Fannepak said:
    are you guys playing for memedy drive? i hope so. otherwise i dont know if im gonna go. Oct 18
  • Fannepak said:
    hey guys let me know when your cd realease party is again. i forgot. i think its like sep 16th right??? you guys rawk! Sep 07
  • Fannepak said:
    hey guys! just to let you know you still rock. you guys need to get another recording on here though. my band finally got two songs recorded. they arent our own yet and they arent that good because it was live, but please listen to them @ http://www.purevolume.com/perfectlifestory Jun 08
  • Fannepak said:
    Don\'t listen to that other comment. I luv you guys! Apr 20
  • Fannepak said:
    Wow! you guys are amazing. Jacob you Rawk! Come to Westchester some time. Apr 20

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