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Genres: Industrial / Rock / Alternative

Location: Omaha, NE

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4 tracks

Members: Pat(guitars, electronics) Jay(Drums/percussion) Wren(vox, addl. guitars) Andrew(bass)

** 'KEEPER OF SOULS' now available on iTunes, Homersmusic and CDbaby! **

If you're a MySpacer, add us there too! myspace.com/asymbiont -- we tend to rant and chatter a lot more there than we do here.........

Check out our video A LOOK AT A. SYMBIONT too!

Pat and Wren discovered one another while playing for separate bands of similar influence in the Omaha, Nebraska music scene. What was initially a small side project between the two became something far greater than mere means of creative outlet. The fusion mixed electronic/industrial/ambient textures with big guitars and a vocalist keen on stellar productions. They immediately put their new work to first priority, dubbing the project "a. symbiont." The two then began auditioning, eventually enlisting Andrew on bass and Jay on Drums. In March of '07, the band released their debut album 'Keeper of Souls." Since then, they have opened shows for Godhead, American Head Charge, The Dreaming, Dog Fashion Disco and have sold albums all over the world (Including Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and many states in the U.S.). Other merchandise, such as button sets, t-shirts, stickers, posters and more are available at their shows!

We're here for the music, the love of it, and the feelings entwined through all involved (fans and members alike). Creating merely what comes from the heart and letting it roll into a surge of energy we classify as "space rock." Ride the waves to the stars that entrance you.

asymbiont@hotmail.com or AIM screen name: veramon7 (my account (wren), so be nice :) )

-A. Symbiont

email: asymbiont@hotmail.com
-thoughts, inquiries.



  • Chris said:
    Your music makes me want to punch Chuck Noris in the face....i love it. added the lot Feb 19
  • dancingrays said:
    I love your music!!! The vocals are amazinggg. [: Nov 22
  • O.o **Dim witted & Small Minded** @_@ said:
    Your music keeps getting better all the time. Some music you listen to too much gets tired but yours is really addictive. Real unique. Nov 09
  • CandyBloodyCore said:
    I looooooooveee yaaa! Oct 26
  • Ally said:
    So.. have i mentioned that i love your music yet? =] Oct 21
  • Ta1342 said:
    Hmm. Amazing. [: Oct 16
  • Kelsie said:
    awsum =D Oct 10
  • musicfreek said:
    You sent a request for me to listen to you, and I'm glad you did. You're really good xD. You're in my favorites now and I'm definitely going to listen often. I'll have to go find you on iTunes and download some of your stuff. Keep me updated if you're going to do any shows in Oregon or anything Sep 22
  • rock_rocks4ever said:
    I love u guys! u guys sound awesome! Sep 19
  • hthr717 said:
    wow, its really cool, like everything just flows :) Sep 17
  • E.x.i.t91091 said:
    sounds good. Sep 16
  • _tin said:
    amazing =) Sep 14
  • celestina said:
    hey you guys are pretty awesome...thankx for the msg^^ *fav* Sep 11
  • jerusha123 said:
    you guys are shweet. Aug 29
  • hillsmetalchick said:
    lol I am friends with you guys on MySpace-- I love your music! ;) Aug 24

Keeper of Souls

Mar 01, 2007


Omaha, NE


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