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A Sunken Ship Irony

We're heading back into the studio in November.


Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Folk

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Stats: 1,010 fans / 137,278 plays / 103 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Josh Wirtanen and friends

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After a long hiatus, Josh Wirtanen is bringing his musical brainchild, A Sunken Ship Irony, back to life. Of course, this time around it's a Frankenstein's monster of sorts, with a brand new lineup playing entirely re-imagined versions of classic songs.

Minneapolis be warned.


  • spencermon said:
    I really wish that you would let everyone download some of your music. we all love it so much. Jul 24
  • cookie_rawr said:
    downloadable music please Jul 07
  • cookie_rawr said:
    i love you so fucking much why is it i cant find any music of yours in youtube Jul 07
  • Emiline said:
    Wonderful music. Of course, most music from the great state of minnesota is pretty cool, or maybe i'm just biased. Mar 05
  • @aline4away said:
    With these songs so gently inviting, as anyone aware may not like? Dec 19
  • kahfi said:
    i like your song loudly.. but im very pleased when i cannot put it in my mp3 player wish you hear and helpful to give me some free mp3... Aug 24
  • JJKJE said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/jaebird for acoustics just a musician trying to get started! Aug 18
  • ali said:
    They're not downloadable anymore? Bummer :( I'mma cry.. May 28
  • Angie! said:
    ya think you can make some of em downloadable pleeease(: Feb 04
  • freckels23@aim.com said:
    whenever I listen to you, my heart skips a little faster [: Jan 26
  • Angie! said:
    sweet, unique, make my day a little brighter Jan 23
  • Angie! said:
    so far your my favorite band Jan 23
  • forever is yours said:
    eee!! very cute! music Dec 18
  • MochaTeddy said:
    something new and pulls at heartstrings i didn't know were there. i don't mean this as an insult but reminds me of a kid on a rainy day having fun alone. don't know exactly what that means but that's the image i pain out of this music : ) Dec 09
  • santorâ„¢ said:
    woowww. i ♥ this music! :) Nov 03

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