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As the World Weeps


Genres: Metal / Experimental / Metalcore

Location: Miami, FL

Stats: 0 fans / 80 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Ray, Andrew, Andy, Ibrahim

No egos, just Metal. Passion and Precision. These two philosophies drive As the World Weeps which hail from the paradise city of Miami, Florida. The band has one objective in mind which they seek to accomplish at all costs: Find the perfect balance between beauty and brutality. As the World Weeps is a band that prides itself in being a collection of talented musicians. Their solid five man lineup is a force to be reckoned with within the hardcore and metal scene; As the World Weeps leave an imprint at every show they play by showcasing performances that can only be described as high octane energetic explosions.

In a world in which darkness and malice have become every day occurances, As the World Weeps prepares itself for the difficult trials in the road ahead. From humble begginings to a future lighting up major tours and festivals, As the World Weeps play with drive and conviction with a clear cut mission in mind: to light the darkness of this world with a positive message of faith, hope and redemption, to examine the world and encourage thought in people to stand up, fight, and live life in freedom over oppression. As the World Weeps are poised to light the world on fire their own way, on their own terms



As the World Weeps

Feb 27, 2008