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As The Dead Rise


Genres: Progressive / Death Metal / Metal

Location: Montague, MA

Stats: 3 fans / 657 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: From left to right:Alex j-Guitar/Voxs,Nick B-Bass,Chris R-Vox,Kurtis S.-Drums



"As The Dead Rise" is a Melodic Thrash Metal band from Western Massachusetts that formed in early 2006 as a three piece. They have been threw various members thru-out the years but now have settled as a 4 piece full line up as of 2012. The band has been thru a very intense overhaul musically and mentally over the years and they pride themselves on there unique style of metal music which brings artistic composure and musical movements back to the music world and proves rebelling to conform to the standard pop style of verse chorus verse and use classical composure to structure songs is clearly just as effective. As The Dead Rise use’s powerful key and time signature changes as well as intense tempo changes and build ups to write songs. There music is as powerful as a nuclear blast while remaining calm and effective. Currently they are on short break to teach there new members a few old songs and write a few new songs along with them. Soon they will be playing shows again and they plan to keep destroying venues around the area and eventually the world.....



2 Song Demo(2011)

Oct 15, 2011

Rendering Death(2012)

No release date




Greenfield, MA

Anthony The Hardcore Drummer

Melbourne, Australia

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