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Genres: Indie / Acoustic

Location: Bogor, Indonesia

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4 tracks

Members: Aria Andriyadi, Maulana Ibrahim Rau, Achmad Fauzan Alfansuri, Irfan Taufik Rau

Asphoria, an Indonesian band which was formed on the 10th of July 2009 in Bogor, consists of Maulana Ibrahim Rau (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar), Achmad Fauzan Alfansuri (vocals, guitar, samples), Aria Andriyadi (keyboards, piano, guitar), and Irfan Taufik Rau (drums, guitar). Formerly composed by Maul, Fanfan, and Aria, Asphoria decided to reform itself by recruiting Irfan, Maul’s brother, in 2013. The band is typically an indie-rock based fragment that does not accentuate a specific feature of music. However, most of the contents present pop-rock/ambient/post-rock - ish sounds.

Asphoria, which stands for "as = similar" and "euphoria = a feeling of happiness (fun)", was intentionally formed to have fun and to aid dispelling their stresses over daily routines. Nevertheless, while having fun from blending joyful melodies, they manage to project a sense of community into certain songs which were written to increase awareness of the rising issues within the globe. Enjoying its remarkable music journey, Asphoria is looking forward to nurturing the seeds sown during the past years by producing more masterpieces for the years to come.