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A Small Victory Pro


Genres: Rock / Emo / Southern Rock

Location: Atlanta, GA

Stats: 1,030 fans / 112,680 plays / 46 plays today






Members: Mark, Luke, Zack, John, and Danny

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"Georgia's A Small Victory crafts a high-energy emo assault on its Lobster debut, The Pieces We Keep. Cooking up a vigorous sound, the EP's production quality is remarkably good, courtesy of producer Matt Goldman (of Copeland fame). Propelled by the powerful kit work of drummer Zack Bareis and the stabbing double guitars of his brother Luke and Danny Song, ASV delivers inspired rockers, like the title cut and "Hammer Strong," that are an ideal forum for capable mouthpiece and wordsmith Mark Walker. If Walker's "love sucks" lyrics read a little too whiny at times, his confident delivery on catch tracks like "Their Lovers Fall" and "My Sweet Explosion" forgive the weakness. While a full-length is due from Lobster sometime in 2004, The Pieces We Keep already stands up as an impressive entry into the pop-punk sweepstakes."
- John D. Luerssen, All Music Guide


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  • Jynxx said:
    i know one of them is my cousin. i just don't know which one... Oct 16
  • isabellavanilla said:
    wow amazing(: i love the signing and the guitar and the drums and the bass and the lyrics lol i love everything! (: May 25
  • Jimmy Howland said:
    i like it May 26
  • Jimmy Howland said:
    i like it May 26
  • Jimmy Howland said:
    i like it May 26
  • levi aka the joker said:
    beastly music Mar 07
  • Precious said:
    listenin' to this musci makes my day happier and makes me want to catch ur show...not a lot of bands do that.lol.well anyway just wanted to show my support and say wad up doggy dogs...tty soon hopefully love to hear from ya. -Precious- Apr 14
  • xeniaaa; said:
    Awesome You Guys :] AWESOME. Keep It Up :] x Mar 17
  • Roober' said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 13
  • Roober' said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 13
  • Roober' said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 13
  • WelcomeToTheMachine said:
    where can i buy the pieces we keep? i have looked almost everywhere but its not to be seen. i bought that cd from you back at the 2004 or 5 warped tour but sadly i lost it. that was really the only place i have seen it besides when you guys used to play shows here in the slc with day two and shiz. i miss those days. you guys were so amazing. where\'d you go??? Dec 31
  • guitarherojm said:
    you guys are pretty sweet! Nov 21
  • tinkerbell_2010 said:
    u guys are good. You should email me at babiegirl_dreams@yahoo.com r instant message me at chrissi_loves_you@hotmail.com Sep 29
  • angry[.]dino said:
    one day i was searching a lovley music website and came upon a lovley band named a small victory so i decided to listen to this band and to my surprise they were a wonderful great band that i shall listen to yes yes true story...:] Jun 04

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