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Released Jun 09, 2009

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Comments (28)

  • Mike Alexander said:
    burned through all there albums, need more Sep 16
  • andee said:
    rawr..!!!! May 04
  • ali hamzah said:
    great.............. Feb 10
  • Brady said:
    I love ur music great stuff to skateboard to definitely. ur screaming is perfection. Feb 15
  • Just Matt said:
    AHHHmazin =) Aug 25
  • MIly said:
    WOW!!!!!!! XD Totally gonna buy the cd Love it! Jul 04
  • Jeenyus610 said:
    thanks for coming through on my request to put this song up. this cd comes out today so everyone go buy it! it's amazing! Jun 09
  • fsdfadfa said:
    Love it May 25
  • live-laugh-love said:
    move songs please May 22
  • KayMonet said:
    WOW!! i really shouldn't hav listened to tht AMAZING song b/c now i want the cd even more. May 21
  • skatergurl1993 said:
    june is too far away :( PUT A FEW SONGS UP !! ahhh :D i can't wait to buy it. May 08
  • Jeenyus610 said:
    put eva the carrier up here! May 06
  • KayMonet said:
    AHH!! i don´t want to wait til june, matter of fact i don´t think i can wait til then. but i guess i´ll have to. Apr 28
  • ppaigewatsonn said:
    WHAT THEY SAID! Apr 22
  • Jae said:
    ahhh put some songs up!!! Apr 21