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Mobility scooters, as a type of short distance travelling and support to those who have a hard time walking, have expanded in popularity recently. This is in large part because of the decrease in prices by many top manufacturers and suppliers of mobility scooters St Andrews in the UK and around the globe. The increased attention is also the end result of the mobility scooter itself being a more adjustable and feasible alternative option to a motorized wheel chair, manual chair or walker.

Despite its less cumbersome appearance and shape, a mobility scooter does serve the needs of many people who may in the past had thought a wheelchair was their only option.

A read this is much more economical than a motorized wheelchair and has a more aesthetically appealing design. However, the rider must have enough upper body strength and dexterity to operate and oversee the motion of the scooter. The motion of a mobility scooter is handled with hand operated controls which are located on the steering column and the wheel. If the rider is capable to walk a few steps and has good enough upper body physical abilities, a mobility scooter might just be a welcome solution to conquering some physical limitations.

A few of the well respected manufacturers of mobility scooters that have distribution centers in the U.K. in addition to other areas include Fairprice Mobility Ltd. All three of these manufacturers make available 3 and 4 wheel models with various features to support different needs consisting of lightweight, midrange and large models. The larger models can ascend to 8mph, as opposed to the midrange models which peak at 4 mph.

Just some of the extras that are in the market for use with a mobility scooter include baskets designed to attach to both the face or the back of the scooter, crutch holders and crutch holder and walking stick bags and canopies. A canopy is especially useful outdoors and provides shade from the scorching sunshine in addition to shelter from rain and wind. Another add-on to consider would be a ramp. Ramps allow for a smooth switch from one surface to another of a different height easy and are available to buy in numerous specifications. There are ramps that fold to coyly imitate the appearance of a brief-case complete with user friendly fasteners and carry handle.

linked webpagevary in price from â?¤ 700 to more than â?¤ 3000. The higher priced models generally feature two onboard batteries to deliver power to a more powerful motor and are built to accommodate more weight. They may also include beneficial accessory features for instance baskets, crutch or walking stick holders and cup holders.

Fairprice Mobility Ltd are a family owned business in the U.K. that distributes a range of mobility scooters. They are committed to providing those who are less physically able the option to possess an excellent quality mobility scooter at a very affordable price. London Mobility also delivers reputable pre and post sale customer support and maintenance, along with free delivery to anyplace in the U.K. mainland.Full Report


Posted Sep 30, 2013 at 2:45am