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A second pursuit


Genres: Screamo / Emo / Hardcore

Location: Kassel, Germany

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A SECOND PURSUIT is a five piece band from the town of Kassel in Germany. The band formed in late 2004 / early 2005 and recorded a five song demo-cd called a tragedy in five acts in may 2005.

In an era where everything in the hardcore/emo/screamo genre seemed to be said they try to add their small puzzle piece to the whole thing. This is neither the first piece nor the last but the puzzle looks good for them. With influences ranging from hardcore acts like section 8 and shai hulud over metal(core) bands like as i lay dying and killswitch engage to emocore bands such as alexisonfire, thrice or boysetsfire they try to sound a bit different to the mentioned and of course all the other bands the genre has spitted out.

The five track EP a tradgedy in five acts is the impressing debut of a band that was only formed in springtime 2005 to create an outlet for their aggressions, their anger but also their desperations and fears. It is obvious that there were no borders between music-genres, so that the songs contain different styles emo hits metal and hardcore hits pop it doesnt matter how this is called in the end, the music of A SECOND PURSUIT tells its own tale.



A tragedy in five acts

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United States


2006 New York City plane crash, United States


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