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M. August

Formerly, A Romance More Sacred


Genres: Folk / Alternative / Other

Location: Kansas City, KS, KS

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4 tracks

Members: AARON MICAH PATTERSON - Vocals, Guitars, Ukelele, Keys ::: KRISTEN HUFF - Viola, Violin, Cello, Piano

A Romance More Sacred is an American instrumental folk rock group formed by singer/songwriter, Aaron Micah Patterson. The group was originally based out of Minneapolis, MN, but is now located in Omaha, NE, USA.

Originally dubbed Crestfallen, A Romance More Sacred was born out of the need for a bigger sound. Front-man Aaron Micah entered a music tournament in Minneapolis, but he felt that he needed additional players to help turn up the volume on the music that he had written for over 6 years. Following the tournament, they began doing music in a more serious capacity, playing mini-tours in the Midwest and staying true to the local music scene. The band has played throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Twin Cities, in popular venues such as Trocaderos, The Fine Line, The Varsity, The Garage, and many more.

Starting with violinist Ben Olson and bassist Nate Langert, the lineup began to form in late 2008. After a time, cellist Doug Starkebaum and pianist Jamie Johnson joined and finished the core player-lineup with various drummers coming in-and-out and finishing with Stefan Brinkley. Although the group primarily incorporates traditional or acoustic instruments, at one point and for a little while, guitarist Ryan Fatturi brought the electric sound to the mix. Fatturi left the group in early 2009. The other players remained with the group until Aaron Micah left to move to Texas in late 2010, but not before recording the band's first full length album, "Of Bones & Butterflies". The album was then released, on-time, in January of 2011. Due to the move and various other factors, Aaron Micah, released the album worldwide, but only digitally, thus far.

The group's music has been described as "original" and "sui generis" by many, from committed fans to concert-goers hearing the unique sound coming from the stage as ARMS plays. "That, in itself, is of the utmost importance", says Aaron Micah, who favors minor keys, minor chords, and unique song outlines and instrumentation; often citing that he enjoys playing traditional instruments, but in a non-traditional way.

"I stray from the traditional song setup on purpose. Mainstream, and often even good independent music, has an affinity for unoriginality. I strive hard for a genuine sound that compliments the lyrics well. The marriage of lyric and melody is probably my deepest concern. Instrumental music, being my deepest passion. In the first part of the album [Of Bones & Butterflies], I incorporated my earliest songs, being as they were "fan favorites"; however, it wasn't my best work. And yet, the rest of the album signifies the maturity of my writing style, both musically and lyrically." "You will hear quite the sound in our music. We incorporate cellos, violins, violas, classically-stylized piano pieces, and the like." -AMP

The album's eclectic and original sound-scape has sold all over the world and songs have been purchased on every habitable continent. AMP (Aaron Micah's nickname and initials) moved from Texas, back home to Omaha and had remained there for a bit before booking shows once more and starting a two-piece project called ARMS and the Lyre, following the recruitment of Kristen Huff, a stringed instrumentalist who favors the viola and violin. ARMS and the Lyre is a secondary name to the group's original moniker. ARMS is the acronym of A Romance More Sacred; a nickname, of sorts, used by the band and fans alike.

As 2012 begins, many plans are set and shows are being booked for the new year. A new album is also on the horizon with new songs being introduced at ARMS and the Lyre shows in the Omaha area.

"ARMS signifies a reaching or a help in times of need. A strength built on something greater available when all else is set to fall. We enjoy branching out beyond our music and stepping out from behind the microphone and from our instruments. To reach out and aide the helpless, to comfort the broken. That is what we do." -AMP