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  • Rocker104 said:
    I can\'t wait for the new album guys! You guys have always rocked!!! Oct 19
  • stopdropROCK said:
    you guys are so uh-maz-ing. just curious, where did you get the name for your band? Oct 18
  • krystalpystol said:
    great Oct 11
  • intricate; said:
  • victoriaa♥ said:
    you guys are ahh-mazaing!!! mucho hearts! Sep 14
  • bearsgurl31 said:
    Can\'t wait to see u guys in Chicago!! Sep 08
  • MaliciousXXMeghan said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 04
  • |~kayluhhh~| said:
    hey there. ahhhh. you guys are seriously amazing. you NEED to come to the NJ, PA area! i want to see you soo badly!!! Aug 26
  • Pip_is_me said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 14
  • xoxjess said:
    you should add the end of the world on here. Aug 13
  • xPainfulTearsx said:
    I seriously can\'t wait until Sleeping With Giants tour. I almost fainted when I saw you guys were gonna tour with The Academy Is, Sherwood, and The Rocket Summer. Can\'t wait to see you guys at the Lancaster show, it\'ll be great :D Aug 11
  • skinny1337 said:
    yall r my favorite band ever.keep making new songs!!! Aug 09
  • tAYlOR; said:
    you guys are great - keep up the workkk! Jul 28
  • notsoemo92 said:
    i love u guys. anthony say hi to stephanie for me. im here friend Jul 19
  • Alexisxcore said:
    yay! i luff yew guys =D you make me sad... and happy at the same time? yesum. rawr i wanna hear some of the new songs! all ive heard is just some of Williamsburg. raaaaaawwwrrr!!! i seriously cant wait for the album! Jul 03
  • .obsession.with.fringes. said:
    You guys are so awesome Thank yoo =] x Jul 02
  • brd360spider said:
    Wow great show in Hoboken yesterday u guys were great. Jun 25
  • AnthonyFoley said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 24
  • OmnipresentObscurity518 said:
    yrrreeeo Jun 20
  • OmnipresentObscurity518 said:
    Add WILLIAMSBURG!!!! Jun 20